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Virtually all religious organizations seem to believe that they alone know ALL of the correct answers regarding religion. As a direct consequence of this attitude, they also believe that ALL OTHER belief systems are automatically wrong.幾乎所有的宗教組織似乎認為,只有他們知道所有的正確答案有關的宗教。作為一個直接後果,這種態度,他們還認為,所有其他信仰系統會自動錯誤的。 If it should actually be that any of them are correct about this, then the vast majority of people on Earth have been wasting their effort at Worshipping!如果它實際上應該是任何人是正確的這一點,那麼,絕大多數人在地球上已經浪費他們的努力,崇拜!

Our attitude is different.我們的態度是不同的。 We acknowledge that we humans certainly have limited capabliity of understanding God and His doings. This is actually a good thing!我們承認,我們人類肯定有限capabliity了解上帝和他的所作所為。這實際上是一件好事! If even ONE of us TOTALLY knew AND UNDERSTOOD the entirety of God's Plan, then that person would be "equal" to God.即使是我們全知道和了解的全部上帝的計劃,那麼此人將“平等”的上帝。 This is not only impossible, but it would be bad even if it could ever occur, because we humans would tend to misuse such unlimited knowledge (and power).這不僅是不可能的,但它將是不好的,即使以往任何時候都可以發生,因為我們人類往往會濫用這種無限的知識(和權力) 。

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Therefore, it seems a logical certainty that ALL existing religions are incorrect when they claim to UNDERSTAND all of God's Plan. They each probably actually can SEE it, primarily because they have a Book, like the Bible or the Torah or the Koran, that lays it all out.因此,它似乎是一個合乎邏輯的肯定,所有現有的宗教是不正確時,他們聲稱了解所有上帝的計劃。它們都可能實際上可以看到它,主要是因為他們有一本書,像聖經或聖經或可蘭經,即規定這一切了。 But total, true understanding of all aspects of religion and spirituality are clearly beyond human capability.但是,其中真正了解各個方面的宗教和精神顯然是超出人的能力。 We can certainly get really good ideas about some aspects of His Plan, and so our various religious groups choose to act and think in certain ways to follow those understandings.我們一定能夠取得非常好的想法有些方面他的計劃,所以我們的各種宗教團體的選擇行為,並認為在某些方面遵循這些諒解。 The point being made here is that there are "gaps" in the understanding of EVERY religious belief system we humans have.這一點在這裡提出的是,有“空白”的理解每一個信仰系統,我們人類。 Unfortunately, we are not as perfect as we would like to think we are and we are not perfectly intelligent or perfectly logical!不幸的是,我們不是完美的,我們要認為我們和我們不是完美的智能或完全合乎邏輯的!

Each existing religion (optimistically) believes that They alone have the complete understanding of just what God is and how we are supposed to please and appease Him.每個現有的宗教(樂觀)認為, 只有他們有完整的理解就是上帝是我們如何理應請和安撫他。

If this were actually the case, then the implicit assumption is that All other human members of All other denominations and All other religions are Wrong, no matter how insightful, how intelligent or how committed to their beliefs they may be.如果這是實際情況,那麼,隱含的假設是,所有其他人類成員的所有其他教派和所有其他宗教都是錯誤的,不管多麼富有洞察力的,如何如何聰明或承諾他們的信仰他們可能。 This may seem realistic and possible if there are only a few hundred or a few thousand believers of such an erroneous belief system, or if the believers are so naive and trusting as to blindly follow some smooth talking leader. Many cults can be discounted for such reasons, but how about the 800 million current Roman Catholics who have followed relatively constant beliefs for nearly 2,000 years?這似乎現實和可能,如果有只有幾百或幾千信徒這樣一個錯誤的信仰體系,或者如果信徒是如此天真和信任,以盲目追隨一些順利談論的領導人。許多邪教組織可以為這些打折原因,而是如何對現有8.0億羅馬天主教徒誰遵循相對恆定的信仰了近2000年? Can Protestants just dismiss ALL of them as stupid?可以新教徒只是取消所有的這些愚蠢的? Even if most were, doesn't it seem likely that at least a few have the Faith and depth of belief to truly know and worship God? Doesn't it seem arrogant to immediately dismiss all of them?即使大多數人,是不是有可能,至少有幾個有誠意和深度的信念,真正了解和崇拜上帝?不似乎傲慢,立即取消所有的呢?

And what about all the other Protestant denominations?至於所有其他新教教派? Can ONE arrogantly believe that all the others are wrong and only THEY are right?能傲慢地認為,所有其他的都是錯誤的,只有他們是正確的?

A large Denomination (of a million true believers) would still be assuming that the other 5,000 millions of living people are Lost and thereby destined to miss the opportunity of entering Heaven. Since nearly 2,000 millions of these currently consider themselves Christians (Catholic or Protestant or Orthodox) and thereby believe that they will each have that opportunity, it is tempting to conclude that the narrowness of the view of each Denomination (of excluding Salvation of all others) must be incorrect.大型定名(萬忠實信徒)仍是假設其他5000數以百萬計的人生活失落,從而注定要錯過這次機會進入天堂。以來近2000數以百萬計的這些認為自己目前基督徒(天主教或新教或東正教) ,從而相信他們會都有這樣的機會,這是誘人的,得出結論認為,狹隘的看法每種面額(不包括救世軍的所有其他人)必須是不正確的。

Looking at this from another perspective, does it seem likely that our Loving, Compassionate, Caring Lord Jesus would participate in running such a blatantly unfair system?望著這從另一個角度看,它似乎有可能,我們的愛,體恤,關懷主耶穌將參加執行這種公然不公平的制度? Where the vast majority of people who devote their lives to Him, and who are passionate in that Devotion, would be automatically banned from Heaven, just because they had chosen the wrong Church to walk into?如果絕大多數人誰獻身給他,誰的激情在這奉獻精神,將自動被禁止天堂,僅僅是因為他們選擇了錯誤的教會走進? Jesus would never allow such a thing!耶穌決不允許這樣的事!

It would seem that the most logical resolution to this problem is for each Church, Mosque and Temple to recognize that THEIR understanding is TOTALLY CORRECT but incomplete (which is equally true of all the others) and that their various Faiths and Denominations are, in actuality, just subsets of those who have found a correct and proper way of Worshipping God. A movement toward non-Denominational Christian churches and general belief in Christ has been rapidly growing in recent years which partially accomplishes this goal.看來,最合理的解決這一問題是每個教堂,清真寺和寺廟認識到, 他們的理解是完全正確的,但不完整的 (這是同樣的所有其他人) 他們的各種宗教信仰和教派是,在現狀,公正亞這些誰已經找到了正確和適當的方式崇拜上帝。運動走向非宗教基督教教會和一般的信念在基督一直在快速發展,近年來,部分實現了這一目標。

In 1522, Martin Luther wrote: "Let us abolish all party names and call ourselves Christians, after him whose teaching we hold . . . I hold, together with the universal church, the one universal teaching of Christ, who is our only Master."在1522年,馬丁路德寫道 : “ 讓我們廢除所有政黨的名字,並呼籲基督徒自己後,他的教學,我們舉行。 。 。我認為,與普世教會,一個普遍的教學基督,誰是我們的唯一主。 “

This movement toward non-Denominationalism, essentially an acknowledgement of our limitations in fully understanding our Faiths, is definitely moving in the right direction.這一運動對非Denominationalism ,基本上是一個承認我們的限制,充分認識我們的信仰,無疑是朝著正確的方向前進。 It could continue even further, to welcome Catholics, Orthodox, Jews, and even Moslems.它可以繼續更進一步,歡迎天主教徒和東正教徒,猶太人,穆斯林,甚至。 After all, all of these belief systems worship the SAME God/Father/Allah/Jehovah and recognize the importance of Adam, Abraham, Moses and the Ten Commandments. They differ in their separate understandings of just what God expects of us mortals and in how we are to Worship Him.畢竟, 所有這些信仰體系相同的崇拜上帝/父親/真主/耶和華和認識的重要性,亞當,亞伯拉罕,摩西的十誡。他們不同的單獨的理解就是上帝對我們的期望凡人和如何我們要崇拜他。 Many times, these differences in understanding arose based on slightly different societal environments or different translations or versions of Biblical source materials.很多時候,這些差異出現在理解的基礎上略有不同的社會環境或不同的翻譯或聖經版本的源材料。

What if these major religions are actually just subsets of humans who believe in God?如果這些重大的宗教實際上是剛剛亞人類誰相信上帝? This is possible, and actually even logical.這是可能的,而且實際上也符合邏輯的。 We Protestant Christians, Roman Catholic Christians, Orthodox, Jews, and Muslims may just be using different procedures to worship our One and Only and same God.我們基督新教,羅馬天主教基督教,東正教,猶太教,和穆斯林可能只是使用不同的程序來崇拜我們唯一和相同的上帝。 For Christians, He provided Jesus as the focal point of religious belief.對於基督徒,他提供了耶穌為重點的宗教信仰。 Once a person has accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and become a Christian, he has established a relationship with God.一個人一旦接受了耶穌是他個人的救主,成為一個基督徒,他已建立了一個與上帝的關係。 Similarly, if a person accepts the Prophecy of Mohammad as the proper path, he has established a different but equally valid relationship with Allah (God.) Different procedures may have been appropriate to establish the God - relationship because of differing social orders and structure.同樣,如果一個人接受穆罕默德預言的正確道路,他成立了一個不同,但同樣有效的關係,安拉( God. )不同的程序可能已經建立適當的上帝-的關係,因為不同的社會秩序和結構。 God's infinite insight and wisdom would have realized just which vehicle would be most appropriate for those peoples at those specific times and places.上帝的無限的洞察力和智慧,將剛才已經意識到這將是汽車最適合這些國家的人民在這些具體的時間和地點。

If a particular society did not generally revere and respect Moses or Jesus or Mohammad, that particular society would probably not be likely to learn to follow God through that particular vehicle.如果某個社會沒有普遍尊敬和尊重摩西或耶穌或穆罕默德,即特定社會可能不會有可能學習貫徹上帝通過特定的車輛。 God may have chosen to approach different peoples, at different times, in different ways, but always with the same goal - a stable society with consistent rules of conduct and which generally or universally worships only Him.上帝選擇的方式不同民族,不同時期,不同的方式總是相同的目標-社會穩定與一致的行為規則和一般或普遍的崇拜只有他。

Let's look at a chronology of God's interaction with humans:讓我們來看看一個年表上帝與人類的相互作用:

The Garden of Eden and The Fall伊甸園和秋季

The Flood洪水

Need For The Ten Commandments需要十誡

The Babylonian Captivity巴比倫的囚禁



Modern History近代歷史

This still leaves about half of the present world's population who do not yet actively follow Him.這仍有約一半本世界人口誰還不積極地跟他走。 This might yet cause God to come up with new and alternate ways of getting the remaining humans to see His light.這可能導致上帝尚未拿出新的和替代途徑讓其餘的人看到他的光。 If so, maybe He WILL cause other prophets (or maybe even another future Savior) to appear to initiate additional new groups to worship Him.如果是這樣的話,也許他會引起其他先知(或者甚至另一個未來的救世主)出現開始增加新的團體朝拜他。 Then we humans have to deal with the question of whether such an individual actually does represent God"s will or whether he is merely a mortal with a personal agenda driven by evil.然後,我們人類必須面對的問題:是否這種個人實際上並不代表上帝“的意願,還是他僅僅是一個致命的個人議程驅動的罪惡。

Whether Smith (Mormons) or Koresh (Branch Davidians) or many other purported Prophets actually represent God can be a tough call - especially from believers within the Denominations or sects which follow that individual.無論是史密斯(摩門教)或雷什(大衛)或許多其他所謂的預言實際上代表上帝可以是一場艱苦的要求-特別是來自信徒的教派或宗派的後續個人。 It is very tempting for humans to want to follow someonw who claims to know all the answers!這是非常誘人的人類要按照索賠someonw誰知道所有的答案! Such individuals could conceivably be bringing new insights to us from Him which are necessary to cope with modern existence.這些人可以想像帶來了新的見解,我們從他這是必要的,以應付現代的存在。 Then again, they may be Satan - driven.再說,他們可能是撒旦-驅動。 Each individual human must decide whether to follow or not / whether to invest Faith in such person's teachings or not.每個人必須決定是否跟進或不/是否投資在這種信仰的人的教導或沒有。 Jesus knew that we would be faced with such dilemmas, and He warned us to be wary of false Prophets.耶穌知道,我們將面臨這樣的困境,以及他警告我們要警惕假先知。

If we each are willing to acknowledge our pitifully limited understanding of these matters, we might be willing to consider that other fervent and devout believers, whether Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim or others, may indeed have an equal but different basis for belief in God, as related to ourselves.如果我們每一個願意承認我們的有限的了解少得可憐這些問題,我們可能願意考慮其他熱切和虔誠的信徒,無論是基督教,天主教,東正教,猶太教,穆斯林或其他人, 可能確實有平等的,但有不同的基礎相信上帝,涉及到自己。 In such an environment, we may all be able to learn much more (from each other) and as a consequence, find ways to better live in harmony with others with whom we don't always see eye to eye.在這種環境下,我們都能夠了解更多的(互相) ,因此,尋找途徑,以更好地和睦相處與其他人我們並不總是有相同的看法。 I, as a Protestant Christian, should show tolerance, understanding, and patience for believers of these other of God's religions.我作為一個基督教新教,應表現出寬容,理解和耐心,這些信徒的其他上帝的宗教。 That is the approach that Jesus Taught me!這是耶穌的方法,教我! That attitude should NOT be extended to groups or religions which do not worship and revere God, such as pagan or sorcery groups.這種態度應該適用於團體或宗教不崇拜和敬仰上帝,如異教徒或巫術團體。

Most religious leaders in each of the religions discussed here believe that ONLY their system is correct and proper.大多數宗教領袖在每一個宗教這裡討論認為,只有他們的系統是正確的和適當的。 This essay is meant to suggest that EACH probably ARE totally correct and proper FOR THAT SOCIETY.本文的目的是表明,每一個可能是完全正確的和恰當的社會。 God obviously knows about the great diversity of humans. We tend not to ALL agree on almost anything!上帝顯然知道偉大的多樣性,人類。我們往往不是所有人都同意,幾乎什麼! This essay is meant to suggest that He has apparently presented to mankind at least three very different and distinct ways of Worshipping Him, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but that all three are recognized and appreciated by Him.本文的目的是表明,他顯然已經提交給人類至少有三個非常不同的和獨特的方式崇拜他,猶太教,基督教和伊斯蘭教,但所有這三個被承認和讚賞他。 Some modern societies are just not willing to accept Judaism or Christianity, but maybe they will embrace Islam, which would give them a method of Worshipping God/Allah.一些現代社會是不是願意接受猶太教或基督教,但也許他們會擁抱伊斯蘭教,這將使他們的方法崇拜上帝/安拉。 Other societies might find Christianity more acceptable and embrace that. Others still, Judaism.其他社會基督教會發現更多的接受和擁護的。其他仍,猶太教。 None of the three are better or worse than the others, just different.沒有三個更好或更差於他人,只是不同。 A person would be initially free to choose any of the three, but once that decision was made, total commitment must be made to THAT Faith and all it includes.一個人最初將自由選擇任何三個,但一旦作出決定,總的承諾必須作出信仰和所有它包含。 Devout commitment to whichever Faith is chosen is the important part.虔誠的承諾,信念是哪個選擇是最重要的一部分。

I cannot claim to see any way to "harmonize" all of the various beliefs in God among the three principle religious systems that believe in one God (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam).我不能看到任何方式“統一”所有的各種信仰上帝的三個原則的宗教系統,相信在一個神(基督教,猶太教和伊斯蘭教) 。 But I toss the following speculations out for further consideration:不過,我拋了以下猜測進行進一步審議:

Muhammad did not understand the concept of the Trinity in Christianity. When he saw that Christians were revering Jesus as a Divine God, he saw that as challenging God's (Allah's) First Commandment, that there is but one God.穆罕默德不理解的概念在基督教三一。當他看到基督徒敬耶穌作為神的上帝,他認為這是具有挑戰性的上帝(真主)的第一條誡命,即只有一個上帝。 To Muhammad, Jesus appeared to be a SECOND God, in obvious violation of the First Commandment.為了穆罕默德,耶穌似乎是第二上帝,明顯違反了第一條誡命。 As a result, Muhammad centrally focused all of his beliefs on there being ONE GOD, and the most important Prayer in Islam clearly states that fact.因此,穆罕默德中央集中他所有的信仰上存在一個上帝,和最重要的伊斯蘭教祈禱明確規定了這一事實。

What if Muhammad had clearly understood the Christian concept of the Trinity?如果穆罕默德已清楚地理解基督教概念的三位一體? He would then have realized that Jesus actually WAS Allah / God! Muhammad would then have NOT considered Jesus as being a SECOND God, but actually the ONE and ONLY God, Allah!然後他將認識到,耶穌實際上是安拉/上帝!穆罕默德然後將還沒有考慮耶穌基督作為第二個上帝,但實際上的唯一的上帝,真主!

Other than this matter, Christianity and Islam are remarkably similar, in beliefs, in historical (Old Testament) origins, in virtually everything!除了這件事,基督教和伊斯蘭教都非常相似,在信仰,在歷史上(舊約)的起源,幾乎在一切! If Muhammad had fully understood the Christian concept of the Trinity, Islam and Christianity would be essentially identical!如果穆罕默德已充分理解概念的基督教的三位一體,伊斯蘭教和基督教會基本上是相同的!

Various Christian groups, including Mormons, believe that Devout humans have the capability of essentially becoming 'Gods' in Heaven. Traditional Christians find this extremely offensive and even blasphemous, because it similarly challenges the concept of One God.各基督教團體,其中包括摩門教,認為虔誠的人有能力成為基本上是'上帝'在天堂。傳統的基督徒發現這一極其進攻,甚至褻瀆,因為它同樣挑戰的概念,一個上帝。

However, there is an interesting point to consider!然而,有一個有趣的一點考慮! Christians all believe that the Holy Spirit "indwells" within each Believer, as a Guide.基督徒都相信,聖靈“ indwells ”在每一個信徒,作為一個指南。 What IS the Holy Spirit?什麼是聖靈? As One of the Three of the Trinity, it IS God!作為一個3個三一,這是上帝! In a substantial sense, Christians believe that God Himself is within every one of them!在相當意義上說,基督徒相信上帝是在他們每個人! This might not actually be very different from what Mormons aspire to!這可能實際上並不十分不同於摩門教渴望!

Perspectives like these might exist to explain the various diversities of our various belief systems in God.這樣的觀點可能存在來解釋各種不同的各種信仰體系中的上帝。 These two are presented as examples of the concept.這兩個被作為例子的概念。

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If this approach interests you, I have written a more extensive essay on the topic, at: Compatibility between Faiths ( /public/compat2.html ).如果這種做法的利益你,我已經寫了更廣泛的作文的題目,是: 相容性信仰 ( /public/compat2.html ) 。

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