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Acts of the Apostles

General Information

The Acts of the Apostles is the fifth book of the New Testament, written between AD 70 and 90 by the author of the Gospel according to Luke. Acts is an account of the early preaching about Jesus Christ, the growth of the primitive Christian community, and the spread of the Christian message. It covers the period from the Ascension of Christ (chapter 1) and the Pentecost, to the visit of St. Paul to Rome, where he was placed under house arrest.

Acts of the Apostles

Brief Outline

  1. The origins of the Church in Jerusalem (1:1-8:3)
  2. The transition from the Jewish to the Gentile Ministry, including the preaching in Samaria (chap 8), the conversion of Paul (chap 9), and the beginning of Gentile work in Caesarea (chap 10) and Antioch (chaps 11, 12)
  3. The missionary journeys of Paul (chaps 13 through 28)


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