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Book of Exodus

General Information

Exodus, the second book of the Bible, derives its name from the narrative's main theme, Israel's exodus from Egypt. Picking up where Genesis left off, the first 15 chapters of Exodus describe Egypt's harsh policy toward Israel and the escape of the Israelites from their bondage. The narrative follows the career of Moses from his marvelous birth through his exile in Midian. It continues with his final victorious contest with Pharaoh, in which Moses is God's spokesman, and ends with the Egyptian debacle at the Reed (traditionally Red) Sea. Chapters 16 - 40 describe the march of the Israelites through the wilderness to Mount Sinai, where God descends on the mountain, gives the law to Moses, and establishes a quickly broken Covenant with Israel that must be reestablished after Aaron makes the Golden Calf.

Book of Exodus

Brief Outline

  1. Israel in Egypt (1:1-12:36)
  2. The journey to Sinai (12:37-19:2)
  3. Israel at Sinai (19:3-40:38)


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