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Books of Ezra and Nehemiah

(ez' - ruh, nee - uh - my' - uh)

General Information

Ezra and Nehemiah are two books of the Old Testament of the Bible, originally one work in the Hebrew canon.

Ezra introduced stricter observance of the Law and to dissolve marriages with foreigners. Nehemiah fortified and resettled the city, reformed temple organization, opposed mixed marriages, and secured loyalty to these reforms by a covenant.

Books of Ezra and Nehemiah

Brief Outline

Book of Ezra

  1. Narrative of the return of the Jews from Babylonia under Zerubbabel and the restoration of worship in the rebuilt temple (1-6)
  2. Second group of exiles return with Ezra, and Ezra's religious reforms. (7-10)

Book of Nehemiah

  1. Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem (1-2)
  2. Building despite opposition (3:1-7:4)
  3. Genealogy of the first returning exiles (7:5-73)
  4. Revival and Covenant sealing (8:1-10:39)
  5. Dwellers at Jerusalem and genealogies (11:1-12:26)
  6. Dedication of the walls (12:27-47)
  7. Final reforms (13:1-31)


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