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Jesus lived a very long time ago, about two thousand years. He was possibly the most important person ever born. The Christian Church was created to honor and Worship Him. Today, more than a billion people are Christians. Individual groups of them call themselves Catholics, Protestants, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Orthodox, or many other names.

Jesus is so important because He led a very unique life. He was born in a way no one else has ever been born, called a Virgin Birth, to His mother Mary (sometimes called the Virgin Mary). Mary's husband was Joseph.

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Not much is known about His Childhood but it seems likely that He played and ran and jumped just like any other kid. But when He became an adult, He started Teaching people some new ideas about God. Many people were uncomfortable with what He Taught, and they did not like Him. After about three years of His public Ministry, He was executed as a criminal in a Crucifixion (on a day we call Good Friday).

On the following Sunday (Easter), He Arose from the dead and was seen by many people. Then He Arose to Heaven.

Jesus led a "perfect" life, and He never committed any sins. The Christian Church developed because His Death is considered a "paying for" (Atonement) for the many sins of each of us people, and so His Death lets us each be able to get to Heaven. So, Jesus is important to every single one of us.

You probably noticed that every reference to Jesus is capitalized (like, Him). All Christians do this out of honor and respect for Him.

You know that this year is about 2001. That is actually 2001 A.D. or 2001 anno domini(latin) or 2001 "in the year of Our Lord". Jesus was such an important person that nearly all modern people have their calendar based on the year He was Born. If you were born in 1998, that means that you were born 1998 years after Jesus was Born!

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