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Book of Revelation, Revelation, Apocalypse

General Information

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the New Testament of the Bible. Its title comes from the first verse of the text, "the revelation of Jesus Christ . . . to his servant John." The book is also called The Apocalypse.

After a prologue, the book comprises two main parts. The first (chaps. 2 - 3) contains letters to the seven churches of Asia, warning them against false teachers and offering encouragement. The rest consists of a series of visions.

Book of Revelation

Brief Outline

  1. Christ the critic of the Churches (1:1-3:22)
  2. Series of seals, trumpets and bowls; God's Judgment upon a world controlled by evil (4:1-16:21)
  3. Overthrow of evil society, religion and government in the destruction of Babylon and the defeat of the beast and his armies by Christ (17:1-21:8)
  4. Establishment of the city of God, the Eternal Destiny of His people (21:9-22:5)
  5. Epilogue: appeal and invitation (22:6-21)


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