My Career as a Teacher

Adventures in Teaching

Shortly after I got out of College, I taught High School for a little while. Most of my classes were Physics and Earth Science, but there were a few General Science clsses, too.

The distinction was enormous. The Physics and Earth Science students were motivated and intelligent, generally being more mature Juniors and Seniors, and being in an elective class that they had selected. The General Science classes were almost entirely unmotivated, immature Freshmen, who were only there because they were required to take General Science. I eventually came to the conclusion that many of them would rather be out stealing hub caps in the parking lot!

Since I'm a spirited and creative guy, I would often think up unique ways of presenting various science concepts. Generally, I could only do this for the Physics and Earth Science classes, because the General Science kids seldom seemed to comprehend even very basic ideas. So, most of the following anecdotes do not include them.

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