A Christ Walk Church - Christian Character Traits

Aspects of Jesus' Human Behavior

Which We Honor As Examples

He Was/Encouraged Scriptural Reference We Should

Forgiving Lu 23:34 not hold grudges
Gentle Isa 40:11; html 4:5 show gentleness to others
Kind (many) show kindness to others
Childlike Spirit Mt 18:34 maintain our enthusiasm
Benevolent Mt 4:23-4; Ac 10:38 be generous to others
Humility Lu 22:27; html 2:8 minimize arrogance
Patient, perseverant Mt 27:14; James 1:3,12 show patience for others
Joy John 15:11; 17:13 enjoy His creations
Love John 13:1; 15:13 appreciate His peoples
Grace Psa 94:11; James 4:6 minimize crudeness
Meekness Mt 11:29 not be pushy
Teacher Mt 7:28; John 7:16; Mr 4:2; 2Jo 1:9 share our insights
Compassionate Job 29:13; Isa 40:11; Lu 19:41 feel others' pain
Helpful Mt 25:35; Lu 10:34 assist others
Good Mt 19:16 do the right thing
Faithful 1Th 5:24; Mat 17:19; 1 Cor 12:9 maintain our Faith
Harmless Heb 7:26 not hurt anyone / anything
Zealous Lu 2:49; John 2:17 8:29 maintain our enthusiasm
Be a Good Example 1 Pet 2:21-2; 1 Pet 2:12,15,17 let people see your Walk
Avoid anger James 1:19 try to maintain calmness
Do it! James 1:22 Act in a Christian manner
Don't swear, malign James 1:26 don't verbally hurt others
Merciful Heb 2:17; Rom. 12:8 show mercy for others

Other Gifts, Fruits

Prayer join a prayer group/pray for others
Helpers (Deacons) Acts 20:35; Acts 6:1-6 assist others
Administration (Elders) 1 Cor 12:28 help organize others
Apostleship 1Cor 1:17; 12:28; Acts 6:2; 15:6,22 help others learn about Jesus
Exhortation Romans 12:8 encourage others
Speaking Wisdom 1 Cor 12:8
Speaking Knowledge 1 Cor 12:8
Evangelism II Tim 4:5 Acts 21:8 spread the Word
Service Romans 12:7; II Cor 5:18; I Tim 1:12 help out others
Contributing Romans 12:8 share our good fortune
Giving Aid Romans 12:8; html 2:4 assist those in need
Respectful 1 Pet 2:17 show proper respect for others
Understanding Pr 2:6; 11:12; 13:15; 14:29; 17:27
Empathy try to understand the pain of others
Fellowship w/ God Acts 1:8; Matt 28:18-20
Sympathetic be concerned for others
Restrained Show self-control
(miraculous Gifts) 1Cor 14:40; 12:3; 1Cor 13; 1Cor 14 (less valuable than others)

Our references to Gifts is different to those usually referred to in many Christian churches. Our reference is to the broad spectrum of character traits such as those listed above, which are developed and spread by effect of the Holy Spirit in all Christians. Our references to Gifts should NOT be understood to refer only to the more famous, more spectacular, miraculous Gifts (Healing, Prophecy, etc.) In general, we recognize that rare individuals possess such miraculous Gifts, but our focus is on those characteristics and Gifts available to ALL Christians. After all, I Cor. 14 includes reference that the miraculous gifts are less valuable than these other gifts.

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