A Christ Walk Church - An Example InterNet Service

Greeting (Brief introduction / greeting) 1-2 minute
Prayer Opening Prayer and praise to God 3-5 minutes
Music (Appropriate hymns / music / singing. Full music and singing is available on computers that have sound cards.) 5 minutes
Optional (Optional portion) 5 minutes
Comments (upcoming activities, announcements, opportunities to serve, etc) 5-10 minutes
Prayer Pastor's Prayer 3-5 minutes
Message (by pastor) 20-25 minutes
Examples Examples of Christian behavior from the week's news are presented by the pastor / staff. This is a normal part of every week's service. It could be included associated with the Comments or the Message, as deemed appropriate due to the week's subject matter. All ministry and staff present participate. Ministry will comment on some POSITIVE examples to show that we normal people can equally do such things. This is to prepare the congregation for the upcoming discussion session. EXTENSIVE INTERACTION IS ENCOURAGED in this part of the service. 5-30 minutes
Exhortation (to inspire usage of personal non-miraculous Gifts, and to encourage attendance of a local church) 3-5 minutes
Closing Conclusion of organized service - Closing prayer 1 minute
Discussion Congregation members are encouraged to mingle in our "communal chat room" to express, discuss and honor personal and local examples of Christian behavior. Hopefully, they will also discuss upcoming opportunities of being helpful or supportive to others. At least one ministry member MUST be present to oversee and guide such discussions. If the discussion starts getting too far afield, the ministry member should interject stabilizing comments or re-direct the conversation. The ministry member will have the technology available to disconnect an individual if that individual is continually disruptive to our mission. (open-ended)

If and when too many people want to participate in such discussions, we will be able to divide up into two or more of these "communal chat rooms."

Individual requests to converse privately with the pastor or other ministry will be respected by going to a "private chat room." Personal matters can be discussed there.

Total Service:    Organized                 45-60  minutes;      
                  Complete Experience:      50- ?  minutes

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