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As our Church matures, we hope that our Ministry staff becomes varied and diverse, including Ministry members as similar as possible to the Congregation members being served.. By using "team pastoring," we feel that we will be able to combine the strengths of several pastors which should add benefits for our congregation. At the end of our InterNet services (at specific times), we will proceed into discussion group(s) to expand on the subjects of the week's sermon. We expect the conversation in the Youth discussion group will focus on different concerns than the discussion in the Seniors group. This is good! Members of each group would probably be lost or bored if they had to regularly listen in on the other group, but they should be able to get helpful insights from a Christian discussion of a group of Christians and Seekers similar to themseleves. We hope to always have two pastors participating in each discussion group so that different perspectives might be expressed.

Our Church will thus be able to have an extremely diverse ministry available. We feel that at least one of our staff should be able to relate to most situations any of our congregation members might face.

In addition, if someone in a discussion group needs to discuss a "private" subject, a pastor can join him/her in a "private chat room" where no one else could "listen in." A personal and private phone call or e-mail conversation would also be available, as desired.

At present, we have various "contributing" Pastors and these regular Pastors:

Pastor Carl, Lead Pastor
Pastor Carl consistently looks to find the positive character traits which are present in all of us. He is easy-going, supportive, patient and understanding. A low-key teaching style helps others broaden their insights and grow. Pastor Carl's primary responsibility in the Church is intended to be research in Scripture for the most accurate information possible in response to members' questions and concerns.

Pastor Carl is an active, athletic, inquisitive individual. He has won quite a few beach and indoor volleyball tournaments. He has had very long hair (which is now fairly short) and drives a red sports car. He enjoys traveling, exploring, learning.

He has an active sense of humor, as when describing a quick mental calculation before walking into a waterfall in Yellowstone. He lost a decimal point and got "smoooshed" by the "mean" waterfall. (Not seriously hurt.)

Pastor Mike, Youth Pastor
Pastor Mike is unique. When some people first see his (sometimes) semi-shaved, long blond hair, his common black T-shirt with its bones and skeletons, and the various pieces of metal sticking out of parts of him, they make wrong assumptions.

Some have assumed he does drugs, or looks to cause trouble, or is just generally "bad news." Those people are wrong! Pastor Mike is a wonderful (but occasionally rebellious) person. He is very intelligent and thoughtful, and is remarkable in his understanding and analysis of life's problems for young people. We probably WON'T have him selecting and arranging the music for our services, though. A White Zombie tune probably won't set the mood we need.

Pastor Mike has a variety of interests, inclucing metal music, sports, pool and friends. While attending a party a few months ago, he wound up trying to negotiate peace talks between two groups of guys who had absorbed some alcohol. He nearly got beat up by either or both groups of strangers! (His peace talks prevailed, though.) Then there's the time at the golf driving range when the club slipped out of his hand and flew 61 yards!

At the moment, our other Ministry positions are vacant.

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