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"My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God." (KJV)

In His Precious Name, I want to extend a warm and hearty welcome to each and every one of you (male and female, seniors, adults, teen-agers or children)! We pray you find that which you are seeking in this service today. I would like to emphasize something that has been said before: Our intent is not to draw you away from whatever church or group you are involved in, nor is it to find fault with any of the doctrines. We urge you to faithfully attend the church of your choice! However, my desire is to share that which I have been given on how to have a closer walk with and in the Lord God! Prayer and the Holy Bible are the tools. I am but a willingly dedicated instrument. Without Him I can do nothing! Yes, " My soul longeth for the courts of the Lord and my flesh crieth out for the living God!" DOES YOURS?

An enduring True Peace is very, very seldom evident. It appears that almost everyone is restless and desperately searching for "something". The greater majority know not what it is nor where the answer is to be found! Some label it as a "drive." others as "Hidden Hunger" or a "Compulsion". Some seek answers in "success", or in education, wealth, careers, marriage, sex, drink, crime or some worldly pursuit. Once a goal is attained, another urge springs up, and on and on it goes, until hope is frequently abandoned. Witness the tremendous amount of illnesses (physical, mental and emotional), crimes, abandoned children, hurting people, wars and rumors of wars, etc. Is there really any "Enduring True Peace" to be found? Is there any answer!


However, before we turn to the answer, let us do a 'What IF?" which may result in a better understanding of the answer! When God created the world, and all things in it, including Adam and Eve in Gen. 1:27, and further in verse 31, when He looked on it and declared it very good--WHAT IF He had been so well pleased with Adam and Eve that He had chosen to continue the process and to thereafter cause every man to be an EXACT duplicate of Adam, and every woman to be an EXACT duplicate of Eve? This would mean that He, God, had actually predetermined that every person, including you, would be exactly alike mentally, physically, and intellectually, all over the world! It would be a world of clones, yes even of drones, who would have neither cause nor incentive to even think for themselves, much less to grow in any aspect! It would be awful! and we say Our God would never have done such thing! What about the Spiritual aspect? Are we all to find Him, walk in Him and mature in Him in some one particular doctrinal "way"? Must we belong to a certain church, or teaching or group to be sure of Heaven? If so, which one?

Or is there another Way? Is the Church superior to God, or is God superior to the church.? Could it be that HE IS ALL IN ALL and TO ALL! Are the various teachings simply the Instruments He uses to meet the needs of particular people at a given time in their walk with HIM? Would HE have us come to Him right where we are! If and AS we grow in wisdom, knowledge and commitment, does He then permit us to move toward Him in another direction of a closer union with HIM? What and Where is the answer?

From the Beginning, God has been and still is an Unlimited God! He was unlimited in His creation, He is unlimited in His Love, and His Will is that none should perish! Therefore, He made a Way for all to Know Him! However, He made each of us so unique, and caused us to be placed in such different environments and parts of the world, that we do have many different concepts of God, His teachings and His churches. We often think "I have found it! This IS HIS Church, or His Teaching!" Then--something happens, and we must move on! The difficulty and pain of moving on, or of staying put, must not be greater than our love and desire TO GROW IN HIM! -- OTHERWISE WE WOULD FALTER IN OUR WALK WITH HIM. IT IS SO IMPERATIVE THAT WE KEEP OUR EYES AND OUR HEARTS FIXED SOLELY ON HIM!

Everything else in this world is but an instrument or tool, to be used as He sees fit in our walk with Him! Try starting each day by choosing "Whom" you will serve--then DO IT with all there is of you!, Think and live the Truth of "Be still and know that I am God!" Seek Him for WHO HE IS, not for some ulterior or lesser motive! It is enough that HE IS! God is Love--pure unadulterated LOVE of such intensity that man cannot even begin to comprehend the fullness of THAT LOVE! We can only BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD! LET US ALSO KNOW THAT NOW IS THE ACCEPTED TIME TO BEGIN!

What is that "ABSOLUTE ANSWER", and where is it found in Scripture? It is found in Matthew 6:33! It is in the Sermon On The Mount, and was spoken by Jesus Himself. Think and pray about these words! JESUS SAID, "BUT SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU."

For the next few weeks we plan to continue with messages on walking a Spiritual l Path based on Psalms 84:2 and other Biblical readings.

Please know that IN HIS NAME, I am here to help you in any way I can. If you have questions of any type, you may contact me via E-mail.

May God Bless you and keep you until we come together next time!

Pastor Mary D



(Part 2)


"Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank you for the privilege of coming again into Your Presence. We seek your Guidance here today, and we do ask for a Special Blessing for each person who comes seeking You here, in this special Women's Ministries Service at A Christ Walk Church Service."


In our last Service, we began a series of messages on the topic of "The Heartcry of the Multitudes." Our hearts grow restless with the hustle and bustle of the world, as never before! We live a life of almost total involvement with the world, its works and its ways! There is so little time for Our God today!

As never before there exists a certain type of deep feeling of hunger or desire for "Something" but few recognize the Source of that unique feeling, and even fewer yet are willing to forsake all and to totally surrender to the Lord! He never plays games, however! When we choose Him above all else, we find that closer walk to be so far beyond measurement because it gives total unlimited Love between a person and his God! Total commitment fills that restless unknown need which is in the hearts of so many!

Psalms 84 was written by the sons of Korah who had led the rebellion against Moses. However at the time of the writing of this Psalm, these sons were serving in the tabernacle and the temple of God. God Himself dwelled in the Ark within the tabernacle. This particular son had such an intense love and desire for God that His very soul cried out! He sought total immersion, and total oneness in unity with His God.

The soul in a person is that living invisible part of him which is life itself! "My soul cries out.." he proclaims, meaning that he has an intense unquenchable desire for God. If this describes the restless, desire you have to really know Him better and to walk with Him, you are truly blessed! It may well be time for you to seek His Will and His Way for you as the individual He created you to be! His creative powers were, are, unlimited! He did not and does not create clones nor did He have to resort to copies. Not even identical twins are truly identical in every respect! Also, He did give that power of freedom of choice to each individual.

Wherever a person may be at a given point in time, determines the way in which he/she finds clues and directions, so that God's Will can and is manifested in that person's walk with Him! No two walks are alike in every detail because no two people are totally identical in every respect. Our Good is UNLIMITED!!

How great and how often is that cry manifested in people today and they know not the cause. This is a turbulent generation. The news is filled with evidences of the great need to solidify man's true relationship with His Creator! There are comparatively few who really desire to seek a closer walk in unison with Our Lord, and fewer yet who are willing or desire to covenant to seek God's Divine Will and His Directions according to God's Own Divine Will, regardless of the cost to self!

Most people choose to find a church with which they feel compatible, and follow its teachings and practices. If there has been prayer for guidance, and conviction, then this may be God's plan for them at this particular point in time.

I would like to ask you if you are fully satisfied with your spiritual life as it is now? If so, commit your best to Him! To another, I ask, do you yearn for a deeper walk and a sense of a greater closeness and unison with Him? Do you cry out with a Yearning to pay anything that it may cost to attain THAT which you sense is just beyond your present grasp and comprehension? Do you feel that the cost up to this point has been nothing, and you stand willing to do anything ,to pay any price to find that which your soul seeketh so consistently and so unceaseingly? I pray you do not choose to stand still but will continue to grow in HIM! Strive for the Ultimate!

I suggest that when you finish this Message, you take time to just sit with your Bible in some quiet place. Open your Bible to John 15:26. Read this verse aloud, thoughtfully and carefully. Now turn to the next chapter, John 16:7-15. Also, read this aloud, in the same way. Pray until you feel the real Presence of the Holy Spirit, then just bask in His Presence and in His Love! He is so REAL!

Beloved, we are NEVER alone! You may FEEL alone at this moment. You may feel totally forsaken, or that your situation or problem is TOO BIG for you to handle. It may well be, for you alone! But, NOTHING IS EVER TOO BIG FOR OUR GOD!

Next week' Subject:


Matthew 6:33

IN HIS NAME, I am always available to assist you in any way that I can. If you have questions or would like to contact me, you may do so by Email. See Below.

May God Bless you and keep you safe in His care until our next meeting!

Pastor Mary D

For the next few weeks we plan to continue with messages on walking a Spiritual Path, based on Biblical texts.

Please know that IN HIS NAME, I am here to be of service to you in any way that I can. If you have any questions that you need assistance with, you may contact me by email. See address below.

May God Bless you and keep you safe and happy in HIS Love, until we come together next time! Please let me hear from you. Comments are welcome!

Pastor Mary



(Part 3, TEXT 2)



"Lord God, we come to you in that precious NAME OF JESUS! Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for all the many blessings that You have bestowed upon us! We seek Your directions and guidance for this Message today. We ask that You give the words, and that You go ahead and prepare the hearts of all women who come to this service of A Women's Ministry at A Christ Walk Church. We asked, Lord, and in faith we anticipate that you will answer. We thank You."


As we prepare to move into our text for today, (Number 2 above) let us stop, and clarify the Source of that restless, hunger for "something" and we know not what it is. The Psalmist uses the terms, "soul, heart, flesh" to show it really is from deep within-an unknown Source to many who feel it. Nothing, absolutely nothing can truly fill that void but total surrender and a never-ending walk with the Lord.

Our second text, Matthew 6:33 reads, "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you."

What things? The promises of the Bible are too numerous to even begin to enumerate! This chapter in Matthew lists a FEW of those things! "rewards, rewards, rewards!"! "-those things ye have need of, even before ye ask Him", "forgiveness", "treasures in heaven", "Light", "opportunity to serve God, not mammon (world of evil one)", "ability to love, forgive and do good to our enemies", "our Father's care of us", ability to be perfect". Chapter 7, of Matthew, and other chapters and verses throughout the Bible list many other rewards. His rewards are always beyond measure!

As we study Matthew 6:33, let us ask ourselves some questions which may or may not bring us to the point of truly seeking the Kingdom of God.

At first assessment of the text, it does not appears to be too difficult. First observation seems to indicate that the initial keyword stands out as the command, "seek". It does not command that I must "find." I may think or say, "I try to attend church every Sunday, I pay my tithes (most of the time), I usually pray just before I go to sleep, I don't usually ask for much, just the usual rote type needs-better job, some extra money, maybe the new car I need, a real vacation, oh yes, I'm tired of this no good man I'm stuck with, I want a divorce, I want a new man in my life, that old bag, Minnie needs to apologize to me for calling me a sinner! I go to church just like she does! - - - - - - - - On and on it can go!

A person may or may not immediately set out to seek the Kingdom of God. She may want, or she may NOT think of seeking "The Kingdom of God." She may or may not have the correct definition of His Righteousness, and she may simply feel that He REALLY doesn't care, and "Live it up!"

I pray for each of you, that you will NEVER be content where you are in HIM! At peace, yes, but always seek the MORE until YOU meet HIM!

Next week's Subject:


Part 2

Matthew 6:33

IN His Name, As a Pastor, I am always available to assist you in any way that I can. For Pastoral counseling, personal conference or prayer. We have a Prayer Request form. You may contact me by Email at any time. Do you need Group prayer? We have a group of dedicated Christian women who will pray for your needs in a weekly session, as well as daily by the individual women in A Christ Walk Church, Women's Prayer Ministries. We have a Prayer Circle Request form.

May God Bless you and yours, and may He keep you safe in His care until next time!



(Part 3, Text 1)


Father, in the Name of Jesus, we thank You for the privilege of coming again into Your Presence. We seek your Guidance here today, and we do ask for a Special Blessing for each person who comes seeking You here, in this special Women's Ministries Service at A Christ Walk Church Service.


Have you ever had that restless inner feeling of a void, and a deep hunger for something, but you had no idea of the cause nor where you could find that someone or some thing which would fill the emptiness in your heart? Many women (also men) of all ages do quite frequently have to deal with this unquenchable void. Many seek to fill it with things of the world, such as material things, money, position, rank, a mate, worldly living, pleasures, and sexual diversions. So often, the void remains and we run here and there in an effort to find that interior peace we are seeking! So often the root cause of that particular type of 'hidden hunger" can only be found in our own self-assessment of our relationship with God. Many would much rather suffer than to admit the possibility that this is true.

There are many references to be found throughout the Bible regarding this subject, if one but takes the time to search. This hunger is well expressed by the Psalmist in the text we have studied in the last few weeks, (Psalms 84:2) Seek deep within yourself to discern if this text COULD POSSIBLY apply to you. Do especially dwell on the second part, "-my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God."

Have you ever truly asked yourself, "Why do I feel this way? Why can't I be as others are, who are apparently living with no inner restlessness and void?" The key word in this question is in the word "apparently." We live in a world of "cover-ups!" How much we desperately and deeply crave the approval of others, when we really need the deep sense that we have the approval of God! Then, and only then, do we find that "Peace" which we hunger for!

We so often have no idea as to why we want "something" so desperately we literally experience a deep feeling of real hunger!. We then desperately (and unconscious of the futility) attempt to satisfy that hunger, that emptiness in all kinds of ways, and with all sorts of things! An often used expression is "Off with the old, and on with the new!" Whether it be clothes, a car, a home, a friend, a job, a mate or, or, or-- on that list can go , and greater and greater that deep and hidden hunger grows, until we wake up to the fact that "I suffer from a hunger for something which the world can not give!'

There is a restlessness deep within each and every person until the soul within finds that "Peace which passeth understanding!" When a person really becomes aware that THAT for which he seeks is not of this world but is found only in a life totally surrendered unconditionally to God, then he or she must determine if the cost is too great and whether or not there is another way to be a Christian and to serve!

There really are many ways to serve Him! In this service for now, our concentration and our focus is to study these two Scriptures verses in depth in order to determine their meanings and how each verse can and does apply to each of us as individuals. Will you spend some intensive time in the study of these two Biblical texts during the next few days? Ask yourself questions such as, "Do I really recognize that deep sense of hunger within me?" Am I truly hungry for a closer walk with Him?" "What and where is The KINGDOM of God?" "How do I seek it?" What is "His Righteousness" What 'things' will be added unto me?" and any other questions He leads you to seek answers for at this time.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, see address below. I am here to be of service in any possible way.

Lord. We dedicate this work to You, and we now pray for this Church and for this Women's Ministries. We ask for Your guidance, Your direction, Your strength, and Your Blessing on staff and on each individual person who comes to praise and worship with us and to learn more about You, Your Will and Your Way for each person, whoever or wherever they may be.



(Part 4, Text 2)


Let us pray,

Lord God, in the Name of Jesus, we come to You now asking for Your guidance and Your directions for us as we travel through this life. Sometimes the journey becomes so difficult, the cost so high, and the losses so great that we often feel like just giving up and letting go of it all. Give us strength to carry on, Oh, Lord! Give us of YOUR Strength!


As we begin this part of our journey to a closer walk with the Lord, we need to define a few terms. -- a dry, boring procedure, I grant you.

Almost from the first second after birth until death, a human being is on a physical pathway of search! It begins with that first gasp for air at birth, and ends with the final weak gasp for air at death. The way moves through many stages of life. An infant progresses from birth through stages - from that first gasp for air, to to turning it's head, to sitting, standing. walking, school, college, marriage, children, retirement, and finally death - and whatever lies beyond. There are innumerable other physical and mental choices and challenges along the pathway of life with which the person must deal.

That third type search is with the spiritual development of that God-given search for some unknown which will satisfy that deep inner hunger of the soul. Some do make that definite choice to follow Him at an early age. Others struggle against it until on their death bed at an old age! Sad to say, many become caught up in denial, in false teachings, agnosticism, atheism or in some worldly pursuit until death.

This all seems like an unnecessary text-book type diversion, does it not? It may seem as a totallly unnecessary, time-consuming detour in our journey, However it really is a vital side tour! Who knows whom you may (even tomorrow) be called upon to minister to, or even how you yourself may be tempted ln the future! We who come here are almost certain to have made the choice to follow Him, or are on that pathway!

We who are of a Christian eviroment may come from diversified backgrounds, and may vary on points of doctrine and practices. However, as far as I know we do all agree that there is a God, and that there is a Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost).

Did not Jesus Himself say, "In my Father's House are many mansions: If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself: that where I am, there ye may be also."


In the Christian Walk there are many Hills and Valleys! Sometimes we feel as if we are very close to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is but a tiny foretaste of what awaits us if we truly follow Him. However, when we are on the mountain top, and began to think we have it all, we may suddenly find we are back down at the bottom again in the lowest of the valleys. The key here is "Hold On To Jesus!" Hold on! Thiis too shall end. How can we expect to live a life on top of the Mountain? Did not Jesus bear a cross? Who am I to complain? Just remember each cross you bear can be a burden, or it can be a blessing to take you even nearer to Him!




Let us pray

Oh Lord, we do come to You in the Precious Name of Jesus! We come into Your Holy Presence to honor You. and to worship You, and to praise You from the very depth of our hearts. We thank You that all things of the past are as a closed book and we start a new page afresh right now! Thank You for each one who, whether in body or in spirit, is present here with us in this Service today!


To you who are here now, we extend to you our sincere and heartfelt Welcome, and our thanks that you are now here to join with us as we worship our Lord and Our God!

Each time we come together it is a very special day! To me, this is one of the best Sundays in the entire year! It is a day when we honor God by giving honor and loving recognition to that instrument by which He brought us into physical beingness, For each of us, it is Our own dear mother!

Will you now take a moment to read Text 2 above, (last phrase) - "And all these things shall be added unto you." If you have time, go back and read Psalms 37, and rejoice in the promises of all that God will do for the righteous! Also Matthew 6:25f. We cannot take the time now to read all of these wonderful promises, but I encourage you to do so as soon as you can! Then rejoice!

There is no expression of joy more apparent than that on the face of a woman who has just delivered her child and sees him/her as the doctor or nurse holds the baby up for her to see for the first time! lt matters not, whether it be the first, fifth or tenth child! How wonderfully it is expressed in John 16:21, where it speaks first of the travail or pain she is undergoing, then adds, "but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish (pain), for joy that a man (or woman child) is born into the world!"

If you have ever stood at the bedside of a woman in labor, and you have witnessed that indescribable, instantaneous change of countenance, you will agree with me that it truly must be God-given! It is AWESOME!

My dear ones, stop and ask yourself, "My mother? Did she really go through all that when I was born? Did she really have THAT kind of pain, that kind of joy for me?" Yes! And that was just the beginning! How many tears has she shed secretly for you? How many sleepless nights? How many struggles to provide for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and at what kind of cost to her? In fact, you can even be grateful that she did choose to carry you through to full time delivery and give you birth! She did not have to do it, you know. How much less painful to have just aborted you, and gone on with her own life! Neither did she have to endure those trying teen-age years that she went through as you struggled to be free of her and to step into adulthood when YOU chose! Then, once out in the world, did you get too busy to take the time to even call home once in a while? How often has she sat and waited, and waited, and waited for the phone to ring - -. just to hear your voice?

How often since adulthood have you "forgotten" to give her your thanks, or forgotten her birthday or even to just to say, "I love you, Mom!"

What would Jesus do if He were in your place today?

Even as He hung there on the cross, near death, He remembered HIS mother in a very special way. Read John, 10:25-27.

I pray you realize that you might never again have the opportunity to do for your Mother as you do today. I do not want to sound morbid, but it is a fact! Many, many wish each Mother's Day that they could have that opportunity just one more time!

Why not go show, or tell your mother how much you really do love and appreciate her! NOW!


We pray God's Greatest Blessings be with you and yours!

Amen - - - -And Amen!

Pastor Mary D.


Pastor Mary

Lord God, In the Precious Name of Jesus, We are gathered here today with the sole purpose of worshiping You, of praising and thanking You for all that You have done for us, and yes, Lord, as a little child goes to its parent, we also want to present to You our concerns, our own personal needs and our humble intercession for the concerns of others. Hear us, Oh, Lord, we do now humbly pray.

(We pause so that we can each worship and have our own private time with HIM)

Greetings to you, in His Name!

We are so thankful that you are here with us at this time, and we pray that you will receive a Blessing from this service! If you have a need, a question, or a "thank you", if we have been able to serve you in any way, please contact us at the email address you will find at the end of the service.

Our subject for today is taken from the book of Proverbs. It is a subject, or a teaching. The whole of Proverbs is one gigantic, Life-giving sermon in itself, and applicable to all who will read and heed its teachings!

This is NOT a "Bible-study", some may say. Let me simply say that if it pertains to living a righteous life for HIM, of seeking HIS Will and His Way in your life, then, each and every sermon you hear, each and every class you attend, each and every minute you spend with HIM, in a group or as a single individual, IS and SHOULD BE A BIBLE STUDY. There are in this world, especially in our own and other "advanced" cultures, an underlying mockery and condemnation of those who choose to find and to follow the Biblical teachings of God!

There are four passages in the Bible which refer directly to this, and they are on this subject of mammon. These are words spoken by Jesus Himself! Two specifically state in His own words, "Ye cannot serve God and mammon." They are found in Matthew 6:24 and in Luke 16:13. The other two references refer to mammon in terms of serving in, or of being unrighteous. These two verses are in Luke chapter 16. They are verses 9 and 11. (Note, please read the in-between verse 10, which also pertains to subject!). You might also want to get out your Webster's Dictionary and read the definition of "Mammon" In simple basic English, it is defined as choices made from "worldly viewpoints" as opposed to choices made from real sound truth and reality! Mammon pertains to desires, greed, riches, etc. It is the desire to possess, to have things, to be "accepted" in the eyes of the world, in common vernacular it is often spoken of as "conforming" or "Keeping up with the rest of the world"! We hear so often, "Who wants to be different?"

Where do you go to find "worldly viewpoints"? To the "world" of course! Where do you find "sound truth, " righteous viewpoints, and teachings? In the Bible, of course! Simple! The world changes, but God and His Word never does!

Now, back to Proverbs! Let us look at Chapter one. The writer is identified in verse one. The purpose in verses 2 through 6, and the basic foundation is found in verse 7. The opposition (the world) is briefly described in verses 10 and 11. Our recourse is in verse 12, and our reward or blessing in verses 13 and following. Throughout the entire book we find this same method used. The way of the sinners vs the way of those who choose the other way, His Way.

Proverbs has 31 chapters. It is a wonderful book for those who seek to follow Him in day to day life. Why not choose to read, study and meditate on one chapter each day, BEGINNING TODAY! Why wait for a month of 31 days! The next one will not be until July! Your choice, of course! We may or may not touch on this book of Proverbs again soon, (it is as the Lord leads)! However, if in your personal study you run into a problem, someone will always be here to assist - you have but to ask!

Let us pray,

Our Lord and our God, we are so thankful for your Word, and today we are especially grateful for the Book of Proverbs which speaks so clearly and distinctly to us!

We are a Women's Ministries, Lord, and as women we are very much aware of the many temptations directly aimed uniquely at women and girls in the world today. Give to each us a double portion of that awesome fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom, and Yes, Lord, grant a double portion of Your Love, concern and guidance each moment of our lives. We pray, not only for ourselves, but also for the men and boys who are undergoing their own unique trials and temptations! Bless, guide and protect ALL children everywhere, we pray. We give You the Glory!


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