Arch-Top Shape for L-8

Normal Rectangular Configuration of an L-8 Optional Arch-Following Configuration an Arch-Top L-8

Since JUCA custom builds each and every Fireplace Insert to order, we have the capability for making EITHER of two types of fireplace insert for Arch-Top fireplaces. The obvious choice is to make a normal (rectangular-shaped) fireplace insert. This kind works fine, and there is no functional reason not to go this way.

Since JUCA uses manufacturing techniques which allow a lot of flexibility, it is also possible to change the front portion of the unit to follow the coutour of the arching brickwork.

There is a differential in cost. JUCA charges an extra $200 for changing the outward appearance in this way. The L-8 Fireplace Insert can be built to either overlap the arch by the usual 3" or so; or to be an exact fit.

In all cases of Arch-Top L-8 Fireplace Inserts, we require a paper or cardboard template of the exact opening of the existing fireplace.

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