JUCA L-8 Fireplace Insert Blower


Strong 1/15 Horse Power Blower

Standard (Full-Size) Blower
465 cfm

JUCA's L-8 Fireplace Insert blower is much stronger than the 60 cfm or 100 cfm blowers which are used in many competing inserts. Interestingly enough, many of those products don't advertise or emphasize how small their blowers are!

This JUCA blower does an excellent job of moving the air around in an open area up to about 800 square feet of living area. The air will often come out at about 120F-150F (about the temperature of warm to hot water). If the living area is relatively open, the heated area can be considerably greater. An owner in Northern Indiana claims to be entirely heating a 2,600 square foot house with a JUCA L-8, but we suspect his comfort standards may not be as finicky as ours.

Many competing Fireplace Insert manufacturers put their blowers under or behind the firebox. We have always thought that was a poor idea. First of all, all blowers have rotating shafts. All rotating shafts need to be lubricated (oiled) to last a long time. All lubricants do not work as well at extremely high temperatures, say ... under or behind the firebox of a fireplace insert! Ergo, JUCA keeps its blowers where they are cooler, in the chamber along side the door, and inside the mesh grille air inlet.

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We hope you wouldn't ever need to repair or replace it, but it is very easy to get to if the need arises, without having to pull the entire insert out of the fireplace (along with the dreaded direct-connect kit pieces.) At JUCA, we try to think aheAD, er . . aheaD, er ... well, you know what we mean!


115 watts, 2.9 amps, Shaded-Pole, 1530 rpm motor
(9.75"w by 9.87"h by 8.75"d)
115 volt

The NORMAL JUCA L-8 Fireplace Insert uses the healthy 465 cfm blower. This blower is much stronger than ANY competing blower, which are usually just 60 cfm or 100 cfm blowers. Unfortunately, the large output is matched by physically large dimensions. This is why the grille chambers on the L-8 must be about 9" deep, which makes the main body of the L-8 stick out about 9" from the fireplace facing.

That configuration is the most efficient possible arrangement. However, we know that there are some people who don't have 9" available on the hearth to use up. For this type of situation, we offer a "pancake" version of the L-8 (which is the way you would order this option).


Pancake - 336 cfm Blower

L-10 (Pancake) Blower The PANCAKE option reduces the body depth to about 5" instead of 9". This has some expense as to performance. The blower which must be used in this option is only rated at 336 cfm, still well more than competitors, but considerably less than the normal L-8 blower. For several technical reasons, this reduces the efficiency and the net output capability of the unit, even though it uses the exact same heat exchanger structure. A second disadvantage of this option is that the skinnier blower must rotate at much higher rotational speed, (3000 rpm versus 1550 rpm), which can mean more noise. A variable speed control is a good extra option with this option, but using it lowers the cfm of the blower even more. If at all possible, use the standard depth L-8!


There is yet another version of the Pancake option. We call it the L-10 version. All the description of the Pancake option (above) apply to the L-10, including all the DISADVANTAGES of the smaller 336 cfm skinny blower.


150 watts, 2.25 amps, Shaded-Pole, 3000 rpm motor
(3.56"w by 3.56"d by 23.38"h)
115 volt

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