JUCA Strong Blower

Blower-a Several different strong blowers are available on JUCA products, from 465 cfm (standard) to over 2,500 cfm! Many competing products only use a tiny 60 cfm or 100 cfm blower.

JUCA has always believed that there is great value in using strong blowers in JUCA products. There are several reasons for this.

  • The warm air that is produced is spread more widely and more evenly in the room that the JUCA is in. You don't have to huddle around the unit to get warmed. You can be all the way across the room and still be comfortable!
  • Continuing the comfort idea, JUCA designed all of its free-standing units to send heat downward and outward. This is unique to JUCAs and it is WONDERFUL! Instead of the heat immediately rising to the ceiling (where you aren't!), it is sent down to the floor and your feet. (The human mind often thinks the whole body is warm if its feet are warm!) This downward motion also helps spread the warm air even more broadly, to the corners of the room. So you can be sitting in a chair, across the room, and still be toasty warm from your JUCA! All this wouldn't be possible without JUCA's strong blower, which are able to overcome warm air's natural tendency to immediately rise.
  • It turns out that there are technical advantages, as well, to using a strong blower on a JUCA. The laws of physics and aerodynamics must apply. Specifically, a guy named Bernoulli (and others, later) realized that very slow moving air flows in a "laminar" manner, while air moving faster than a certain velocity moves in a "turbulent" manner. We realize that it doesn't seem like there should be value in turbulent flow, but there is. See this brief presentation about the general idea.
  • When an optional JUCA blower is selected, another possibility exists. Some or all of the warm air can (usually) be sent into house ducts to warm the WHOLE HOUSE!
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If you're interested in a little more technical approach to why there is often an advantage in using one of our optional blowers, (and why conventional furnaces use fairly large blowers), please see our discussion showing the benefits of larger blowers.

JUCA's Blower Choices

(Click Here to see the various choices) for virtually every possible application.

Blower on B-3B-a Blower on B-3B-b

The pictures here show a Standard Blower sticking out the back of a free-standing (B-3B) JUCA. You can also see the Bonnet Control Assembly, with its sensor probe head at the top and its conduit going down to the electrical junction box and the 110 volt power cord at the bottom. In the picture at the left, you can also see the Heat Duct Outlet connection to feed air to other rooms through a house duct system.

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