Castable Firebrick Floor

All JUCA units (which have a floor!) use a high-quality, Industrial-grade CASTABLE FIREBRICK for the floor material. We have long felt that this has several advantages over the individual firebricks used on many competing wood-burners.

Ashes from a wood fire have an assortment of chemicals in them. Some can combine with water, if moisture is ever present, to create some pretty corrosive compounts. We felt that such chemicals might be able to slip down between the seams of individual firebricks to corrode the metal structure beneath. We wanted to eliminate any chance of that.

SOOOOOO ... JUCAs include a sack or sacks of Castable Firebrick material (kind of resemble cement sacks). They can be removed when first carrying the JUCA into the house, reducing its weight by about 100 pounds or so. Once there, a small amount of water is added (like with concrete) and the Castable Firebrick is placed in the bottom of the JUCA. This creates a seamless floor about 1.5 inches thick, which sets up and can be used the next day.

Several grades of Castable Firebrick exist. JUCA uses an Industrial-grade variety which is rated at 2600°F continuous temperature. Since a wood fire's hottest temperature (in the flame tips) is around 2500°F, the Castable Firebrick should never deteriorate. Experience has borne this out, since many JUCA owners have used their units to entirely heat their homes for over 20 years with the original Castable Firebrick.

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