JUCA's Class-A Chimney Comparison Shopper

This program will calculate the total price of all necessary Class-A chimney materials for most common chimney installations. It will calculate the total cost for EVERY brand of chimney materials sold in the USA, adding in the cost of all the usual necessary and appropriate fittings and parts. Then it will apply the DISCOUNT that we can get for you for that brand. And then it will show you ALL of the discounted totals, so that you can pick the brand with the lowest total cost for you! Comparison Shopping at it's BEST! Since all the brands have all passed the same government UL safety tests, they are all equally safe, so you can safely use price as a deciding criterion on selecting a brand.

Please Select Chimney Inside Diameter in Inches:
6 Inch - - - 8 Inch - - - 10 Inch - 12 Inch - 14 Inch - 16 Inch
This INSIDE diameter is generally determined by the JUCA woodburner to be used.

Chimney Straight Up? Or Into the Wall?
Straight up - - - Into the wall
This choice determines whether the chimney goes through the ceiling
or through a wall and then up outside the house.

Please Input Chimney Pipe Height in Inches:
If this is straight up, measure from the CEILING upward (for a free-standing
woodburner) or from the top of the unit on our built-in units. For a through the
wall installation, measure from that height up.


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