Large Glass Door on a JUCA B-3J

All free-standing JUCAs (and the L-8 fireplace insert) include a unique door. This door has several advantages over normal door structures.

  • First of all, our doors are very large, when compared to competing wood-burning products. This allows MUCH easier access to the large firebox, so that loading wood is quite easy.
  • Next, the heavy steel frame is only one-inch wide, to allow a very nice view of the fire, since everything else is glass!
  • Next, a special extra track in the door frame holds a removable steel safety panel for protecting the glass panel during unattended use, as when you are at work or sleeping.
  • A decorative mesh screen covers the glass on the outside. It is attractive. It also acts to spring load the glass in the door, so that the glass fits well, but still allows the glass and the metal to expand and contract at their different rates during fuire starts and cooling. It also represents a safety feature.
  • High-temperature glass is used for the viewing area. Most JUCAs use the same glass that is used in nearly all brass fireplace door assemblies, so it is well proven. Of course, the many thousands of JUCAs in use for the past 20+ years also attest to its performance.
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