Black Glass Fireplace Appearance

Virtually everyone gets clear glass in their fireplace doors. Part of this might be that many people don't realize that any alternatives are available. Others may just stay with the traditional choice. However, several alternatives now exist for many door models. Check the "MODEL" link for the Options chart to make sure that a glass type is available for the Model you are interested in. In a few cases, door manufacturers have gone to using Bronze glass as "standard" on some of their door models, and they actually charge a premium for clear glass!

A limited number of people seem to choose Black colored glass. Maybe they think that the fire would be invisible! The following reasons are sometimes given for choosing Black glass.

  • The Black glass is relatively transparent to the bright light of the fire. It only looks black when there is no light behind it. The fire is not quite as bright-looking as with clear glass.
  • Some people feel that Black glass goes nicely with Polished Brass or Black and Polished Brass door sets.
  • Black glass obviously does not show smoke and soot stains, almost at all!
  • Probably the most prominent advantage is that, during the many summer months when the fireplace isn't generally used, the (dirty?) interior of the fireplace is not visible.
  • The fire still looks nice when burning with the doors closed.
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