Our Custom Fireplace Doors Pricing Form

Please select from the various choices presented, and then click at the bottom. Everything that is underlined are links to descriptions or pictures, to clarify choices.

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Door Style:
Twin Traditional
Twin/Cabinet Clearview
Bi-Fold Clearview - Style 4
Bi-Fold Traditional - Style 3
Bi-Fold Semi-Traditional - Style 1
Bi-Fold Semi-Traditional - Style 2

Normal Hidden Visible Contemporary Visible Filigree None

Opening Height:


None Sliding/Pull Mesh Wire Cloth/Gate Mesh Doors

Clear Bronze
Black Smoked Beveled

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Custom Fireplace Doors offers MANY additional options! Various special appearances (Mission Style, Craftsman Style, Sunrise Style, etc), various magnetic latches, other Appearance options such as Flat Banding, Tri Frame, and MUCH more! Our automated pricer is not set up to deal with all those choices, so you may need to send us an e-mail regarding differential pricing for such things, but still use this Automated Pricer to assemble the basic order!

This form does not actually ORDER anything! It just determines the correct size of the door model you have chosen, and calculates the price and discount and tax, and then formats everything so you could print it out to mail it in to us with a check!


Our Fireplace Door Home Page is at: http://mb-soft.com/juca/info/doors/firedoor.html