Custom Fireplace Doors

We really like this company! They seem to really keep the customer's interest at heart, and seem to really care about what they make.

The quality of their doors is extremely good! Their delivery time for shipment of their doors seems quite good (for custom built doors) and their schedule seems quite consistent.

They offer an amazing variety of choices of special features and such. For example, they offer convex (curved) doors, with curved glass! We recently had a customer choose a full-arch, convex doored F-9A, so the doors curved in both directions! THEY consider this a fairly standard item (although fairly expensive!)

We STRONGLY encourage considering their door sets, either separately, or as the door facing for our F-9A built-in Fireplace Furnace.

This company had their phone disconnected on two different times while we were waiting for orders to be filled, and we have been told that they are no longer in business.

Their door models are:

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