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This model door set is custom built to the exact dimensions specified for a unique fireplace. This means that it could EITHER be built to overlap the brick or stone facing of the fireplace OR to be built to fit inside the opening for a recessed appearance.

When ordered with a JUCA Model F-9A or F-9AX unit, one the unit is mostly built, we measure the exact dimensions of the firebox and send a template pattern in to the door manufacturer, so that they make the door set to the exact correct dimensions. Obviously, this means that you should tell us if you want an inside (recessed) appearance, so that we can send the proper sixed template to the door manufacturer.

The retail pricing, our discount pricing, and our differential when being bought with a JUCA Model F-9A or F-9AX unit is for the appropriate sized door set for a standard sized JUCA unit. Larger door sets are generally a little more, smaller ones a little less. Please e-mail us (below) or call us for an exact quote on a door set of a different size.


DescriptionList PriceOur Price
WITHOUT Damperstandardstandard
Hidden Damper$80.00$68.00
Hanging Mesh Screens$90.00$76.50
Gate Mesh Screens
Clear Glassstandardstandard
Bronze Glass$0.00$0.00
Grey Glass$0.00$0.00
Beveled Glass$85.00$72.25

Most Designer Specialties custom door models are available as "four-sided" style, too, at extra cost, to make it symmetric like a picture frame.

There are also a wide variety of choices regarding accent trims on the fixed outer frame, and where the outer portion and inner portion of that fixed outer frame can be two different finishes.

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