Diamond W Fireplace Doors

Diamond W has apparently gone bankrupt and gone out of business.

During the summer-autumn of 2005, we found it necessary to refund the money of some customers who had been waiting for D-W doors bought through us. For 20 years before that, we had had a wonderful relationship with D-W, so it was very peculiar when they didn't even process those orders, and our customers were inconvenienced as a result.

Maybe we had gotten spoiled by how quickly and efficiently D-W had always filled orders in the previous 20 years! But it was pretty distressing to not even have any clue as to what to tell customers, who were waiting for doorsets that D-W had no apparent intention of shipping to them!

Again, we really have no exact idea why this happened, and we had hoped to hear from D-W some explanation, SUCH THAT IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN AGAIN TO CUSTOMERS. "We" are not that important, but our customers are! After many weeks, we received the following explanation. Diamond W had changed their policy regarding freight, shipping to destinations other than exactly to a fireplace shop. They admitted that they hadn't ever told anyone about this change of policy, so they agreed that we had no way of knowing!

Apparently, they had shipped some doors out to OTHER dealers' customers (at home, residential addresses) and there had been some later damage claim that the shipping company would not pay. So the New Policy that Diamond W chose to institute was to REQUIRE us to sign a Contract, wherein WE now accepted any and all liabilities regarding shipping damages! This was VERY hard to understand! When a shipment was sent from the factory in Albany, NY, directly to a destination in Utica, NY, WE, near Chicago now were required to sign a rather impressive Contract where WE accepted all costs due to damages! So, IF an employee at Diamond W happened to make a mistake in boxing a doorset, WE were now entirely liable for the cost of replacement of the entire doorset! Ditto, if the shipper, or the receiving agent did any damage (in New York), WE (in Illinois) were now totally liable! Interesting!

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In later discussions (over many weeks, while NO production was even STARTED on existing orders!) it became clear that their problems had occurred because doorsets had been shipped to residential addresses. I pointed out that we had NEVER had any doorsets sent to residential addresses, and D-W agreed that WE had never been involved in any such losses on their part. ALL doorsets we order always go to "business addresses" as customers often complain about that!

During all of this, we still had two remaining doors on order with Diamond W, which customers ordered in late September 2005. We sent in the orders, for the Stock doorsets (which would normally have been shipped in two or three weeks) immediately, so Diamond W had received those orders at the start of October 2005. It was only after other customers asked where their doors were that we asked Diamond W and learned about the New Policy. Most of the customers allowed us to refund their (total) payments, since we already had a bad feeling about this! But by early November 2005, we were finally told by Diamond W that THEY WOULD NOT EVEN START TO BUILD the doorsets until they received the required signed New Contracts from us. I pointed out that they had not even ever mailed us any of the alleged new contracts, so it was impossible for me to comply with that new and unmentioned demand, of signing such a new contract and mailing it back in! It took a few weeks more, late November 2005, but a SINGLE form arrived in the mail! I signed it and mailed it back in. Around December 5, 2005, Diamond W must have received it because they FINALLY started building ONE of the two orders of ten weeks earlier! (Early in January 2006, that customer finally received it.)

By early December 2005, we had still not received the required Contract for the second doorset! After repeated begging for it, it finally arrived in the mail late in December and I mailed it back in. So, around 14 weeks after the doorset order had been received by Diamond W, in early January 2006, they finally did the internal paperwork to START working on it! It was mid-February 2006, around 19 weeks after the customer placed the order, and there was finally a reasonable chance might actually RECEIVE the doorset that they had paid for in Septemober of the previous year! They actually eventually received their doorset!

It did not appear that D-W had the slightest interest in our handling their doorsets, as they NEVER gave us any good explanation regarding all this. If the true explanation is that they really won't even START working on an order for a close customer of more than 20 years, until AFTER they receive a Contract regarding freight issues, it pretty much says that they no longer believe that our word (regarding orders) is any good! We feel that, because of mistakes others apparently did, WE are now automatically guilty until a Contract proves otherwise!

Over those 20 years of doing business with Diamond W, which was a REGIONAL business near New York, we enabled them to sell MANY HUNDREDS of doorsets, probably close to a million dollars of business for them that they could NOT have gotten except through us! LOYALTY does not seem to carry the importance it used to have!

We actually have a suspicion as to why this might have happened. NO fireplace shop has EVER offered any discounts, and many charge ABOVE the suggested list prices for doorsets. Then they add on a good amount for freight, and then of course State Sales Tax is added. Our web-site has always believed in openness and honesty, and so we SHOW the exact prices we charge people for most of the 4,000+ available choices we present, with automated price calculators in the web-site (for most Brands of doors). AND, since our "actual" business since 1973 had always been in manufacturing the JUCA Super-Fireplace (for which we had long used standard fireplace doors as the visible facing part), we actually never wanted or intended to sell any doors separate from our JUCA fireplaces! We eventually did as a "public service" (as our Door Selector Page URGENT link describes). We always knew that IF we would have advertised or promoted that we sold doors, at a big discount, with our paying for the freight, and (usually) with no Sales Tax, we had always worried about hurting the business of local fireplace shops, which we definitely did NOT want to do!

There is some additional news as of late 2011. Diamond W has completely closed down and no longer is in business. I tend to wonder if that had something to do with their tremendous change of attitude toward long-time customers!

Their door models are:

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