FireGuard, Fire Guard

We've done very little business with this company. We don't really have much in the way of guidance to give you.

We DO have one bit of information for you. You may have noticed that the prices we list for FireGuard doors are more than four years out of date. This is not because we have not tried to get them! At different times, we have called, asked, begged and pleaded with them to get updated prices. Every time, their people always assured us that they would immediately mail us the current prices, but they never have!

This leads us to wonder how long they would take to ship out a door set to a customer. If they aren't even motivated enough to mail current prices to us, it's hard to imagine just when they might feel in the mood to ship out some doors!

It has been a VERY long time since anyone has wanted us to try to get FireGuard doors for them, so we really don't know how that would go. You can probably imagine that we think that may be an iffy choice.

This is funny! A man who implied that he was the owner of FireGuard chose to go out of his way to call us in August 2001. It was an amazing conversation! He called me a liar for saying that we have requested literature and updated pricing from them a number of times in these past years! Given that many thousands of potential customers visit our door presentation web-site every week, that was a pretty surprising comment to hear. I thought the "customer was always right" rather than "the customer should be called a liar!".

Just in case I hadn't paid attention, he then AGAIN called me a liar for claiming to have previously sold their products! (He was wrong about that, too, because I vividly remember examining one of their door sets that was being mounted on our [high-quality, we think] built-in fireplace system, to be shipped out to a customer. I remember it vividly because I remember thinking that the poor quality of the door set would reflect on the perception of quality of our fireplace, since the door set is the only visible part of that system.)

Well, after his telling me a second time that I was a liar, he "ordered" me to stop trying to sell their products! THAT, I was immediately willing to agree with, since we would never encourage any customer to deal with a company that has that sort of behavior toward its customers. However, since our whole premise has always been of presenting honest information on the multitude of choices available, we felt it appropriate to leave these pages in the site. But if you choose to buy products from this manufacturer, we will not accept such an order, because we really don't like vendors accusing us of lying, and we have no intention of ever talking to them again. If you're createive, you may be able to find some other source for them!

On a separate area, they must currently sell all they want. A decent percentage of the thousands of people who visit our site, choose to buy doors from us. Apparently FireGuard doesn't want hundreds of extra orders! And that's fine with us!

We have later heard that FireGuard has gone bankrupt and is no longer in business. I am not really surprised if that is their attitude toward customers!

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