Hart Fireplace Doors

Many years ago, we used to handle quite a few Hart doors on the JUCA F-9A built in Fireplace models. A number of those early owners of our F-9As with brass door sets, soon had complaints though. Quite a few seemed to find the brass plating de-laminating (coming off). Others said that the doors would soon be very hard to open and close, and that they would even squeak and squeal when moved.

When you move the doors on many of the Hart doors, they even FEEL really flimsy and cheap. Sometimes, they would be badly aligned, and the owner would have to re-adjust the doors to get them to fit right.

OK. When you get products that have extremely low prices, you sort of expect to have similarly reduced quality levels. Maybe we have gotten spoiled by products of many of the other manufacturers that we have used on our JUCA Super-Fireplaces. I guess we have rationalized that, since a customer generally spends upwards of $5,000 in getting a fireplace put into a house, an extra $50 or $100 for a significantly higher quality (our opinion!) door set makes sense. We are really proud of how great the JUCA Super-Fireplaces look and perform (another personal opinion!) and since the only visible part of a JUCA Super-Fireplace is the door set, we have come to want an owner to see a "quality" doorset there. Now, "quality" is in the eye of the beholder, but we now lean to JUCA buyers selecting some doorset that has a list price at least $350 or so (the base JUCA price includes any choice up to $450 list at no extra cost). We think it makes US look better! Get the point?

The Hart company has gone through some bankruptcies and has had new owners. They also no longer make any of the doors we had our experiences with. Optimistically, that might mean that they improved the quality level. Realistically, that is probably not the case. Hart has traditionally competed with the mass marketed (extremely cheap) door sets that look nice in the store, but are often garbage in a few months of use.

We have NOT had experience with the more expensive Hart door sets. Maybe they are of better quality.

All in all, cheap doors! We REALLY don't recommend you choosing doors from this company. We know! We know! Why would we include such inferior doors in our web site of (otherwise) quality products? We include them in this list, sort of for historical reasons, and to give you the absolute broadest possible selection to choose from. We just hope you can find doors that suit your fancy from another manufacturer!

We DON'T think you should get these doors!

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