Hearth Craft Fireplace Doors

HearthCraft is a good company that has a variety of styles of doors available. Our experience is that HearthCraft quality is very good. Over the years, we have handled many hundreds of Hearth Craft door sets (primarily Montgomery and Baltimore) made by Hearth Craft, and no customers have ever yet had anything bad to say about HearthCraft doors.

HearthCraft's version of BLACK is now 'FLAT' black.

We like this company a lot! They are VERY, VERY, VERY good at customer service. On stock door models and sizes, they generally ship within a day or two. Custom door sets generally take a few weeks, but generally seem quite prompt for custom-built door sets.

I don't think we have EVER had a customer have a complaint about the quality or construction of a HearthCraft product! That's truly amazing in modern America! Occasionally, a shipping company damages something, or an order gets mis-shipped, and in those cases, HC is on it instantly. They're GREAT!

Given all these things, customers invariably have a smile on their faces with HearthCraft door sets. This makes US look really good! Is it any wonder why we like Hearth Craft so much?

We REALLY encourage considering the products of this company!

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Their door models are:

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