Heat n Glo

Seal Tite Doors

Sometimes customers insist on having doors that seal air-tight on their JUCA F-9A. These or the Wilkening doors are the only doors that we know of to get for those situations.

It appears that in early 1998, their company was merged into some conglomerate, and their interests seemed to change rather violently. Their sales managers have specifically told us that they really no longer care if anyone buys their door sets any more, as they have decided to concentrate on their other products. Other comments of theirs indicate that they WILL keep making these doors at least for a while, but they directly recommended to us to try to get doors from other suppliers than them! We have never heard a SALES MANAGER say such a thing before!

If they don't care whether anyone buys their products, we have some concerns over whether they will have any customer service backup in the event of any problems.

These comments from them have encouraged us to recommend ONLY the Wilkening tight sealing door sets for applications where the tight fit is appropriate. We suggest being cautious about selecting the Heat n Glo Seal Tite door sets.

All of the other "standard" fireplace doors available are moderately sealed, but a little bit of air can still pass around the individual door panels and between them, because those other door assemblies do not have gaskets in those areas.

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