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Your Name and shipping address, your phone and e-mail: Your Name and a VALID BUSINESS shipping address, your phone and e-mail: (Delivery companies are now charging us up to $50 extra for residential delivery!) So, without some VALID business delivery address, we cannot process the order. (There are a lot of mail drop-off companies that will accept such a shipment.)

Mail this order with a check of the appropriate amount to:
J Door
17749 Torrence Ave, Suite #1126
Lansing, IL 60438
E-mail: JDoor1@mb-soft.com
Our main Door Selector Web-Site is at:

Explanation about that BUSINESS business! WE generally couldn't care less about where we would ship door sets to, and in the past, the great majority had been shipped directly to people's homes. A number of months back, when gasoline prices went way up, shipping companies came to realize that they were (Nationally, not us!) wasting a lot of gasoline on attempted deliveries to residences where no one was at home. Apparently, their solution is to 'punish' the shippers, by adding a huge surcharge to shipments being sent to residences. Well, after we give you a discount, and then pay for the freight, our remaining profit is fairly thin, and it has been very painful to consistently be charged this extra $25 or $50 at the time the doorsets are shipped. Please notice that we get charged WAY before they even know if anyone is actually at home or not!

If someone truly wants us to ship a doorset to a residence, they would need to add the $50 to the total price of the doorset. We doubt that many people would want to do that, any more than we have enjoyed eating that $50 charge so many times already! Therefore, we are suggesting having us ship it to a BUSINESS address, because the shipping companies then know that someone should be there during normal business hours. How do they know? They check each destination address with a computer data-base, which instantly tells them if a specific street address is a business or a residence. So you can't just make up 'Marge's Pies' as an imaginary business.

We ship many doorsets to the office that customers work at, or schools or Churches or factories or other employment places. We have shipped some to grocery stores or gas stations near a person's home. If none of these are practical, there are lots of places these days like Mailboxes, Etc, who will receive the package for you, often for a dollar charge. Always get permission first before having us ship a doorset somewhere. Otherwise, you may be giving someone a Christmas present!

Should you give us a residential address, it is likely that the order will not be processed or shipped. But if very many people still manage to do do that and we wind up losing money as a result, we will just stop offering this 'public service' and concentrate entirely on building our JUCA fireplaces!

We have been finding that manufacturers of fireplace doors seem to be dropping like flies! Each time a Bennett-Ireland or a Minuteman would go bankrupt and go out of business, there always seemed to be other companies which would start manufacturing doorsets. But in recent years, Hart went out of business a couple times, and only started manufacturing again when new owners bought the carcass. Heat-n-Glo is now gone. So is Diamond W. So is Custom Doors. So is Brookwood, and several others. And with the bad economy, there do NOT seem to be new companies starting up manufacturing. We are NOT sure what might be done about this. This is especially important to us regarding the JUCA F-9A built-in fireplaces, because we have always used standard fireplace doors to provide the best possible appearance in the room.