Other Fireplace Door Appearances

Portland-Willamette Aristocrat Polished Brass Custom Corner Door set
This category includes a wide variety of fireplace door appearances that don't fit into our standard categories. If you put your mouse over any picture here, additional description of that style should appear.

  • Rectangular door sets that have openable doors that are arch-shaped (pictures far below).
  • Combined door sets for corner applications (like the photo above).
  • Multiple combinations for three-sided peninsula fireplaces (photo far below).
  • Round [porthole] shaped fireplaces (like below left).
  • Asymmetrical triangular or trapezoidal fireplaces (like below right).
  • Curved convex [bowed out] (like the two drawings below).
  • Concave [bowed in] fireplace door sets (not illustrated here).

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(Flat-Arch door sets that have rectangular doors are included in our normal Flat-Arch category.)

Diamond W Vine and Leaf, Darkened Steel Fireplace Door set Diamond W Colonial Scalloped Edge, Darkened Steel Fireplace Door set
Technically, these are rectangular door sets but we didn't see any way of including them with the "normal" rectangular doors!

Custom Doors Porthole Polished Brass Fireplace Door set Custom Doors Wedge-Shaped Polished Brass Corner Fireplace Door set
REALLY unique fireplace opening shapes.

Custom Doors Bow-shaped, Arch-Top Fireplace Door set Custom Doors Bow-Shaped, Rectangular Fireplace Door set

These are for fireplaces where the facing actually is curved.

Portland-Willamette Rectangular-to-Flat-Arch Conversion Polished Brass Doors
Custom Doors Rectangular-to-Flat-Arch Conversion Fireplace Door set Custom Doors Rectangular-to-Full-Arch Conversion Fireplace Door set
Diamond-W Rectangular-to-Flat-Arch Conversion Polished Brass Doors Diamond-W Rectangular-to-Full-Arch Conversion Pol. Copper/Brass Doors
These are for standard rectangular fireplaces where an arch-top appearance is desired.

Portland-Willamette Peninsula Black and Polished Brass Door Set (in front)

All of the door sets in this category are custom made, so all of them will certainly involve an e-mail conversation regarding desired features, dimensions, and prices.

Diamond W Rectangular-to-Bowed Conversion Fireplace Door set Diamond W Rectangular-to-Bowed Conversion Fireplace Door set
This is a style for a regular rectangular (not curved) fireplace that gives a bowed appearance.

Custom Doors Model 2000 Scalloped Arch Door set Scalloped edge appearance for door sets (this one is CD)
A number of custom-built styles are available with various kinds of scalloped edges (including the one way above!)

Portland-Willamette Revelation Polished Nickel Gothic Arch Doors
Portland-Willamette Premier Polished Brass Gothic Arch Doors
Custom Doors Model 2000 Gothic-Arch Door set
Portland-Willamette Premier Polished Nickel, Scalloped Gothic Arch Doors
Gothic or Cathedral or Agave or Pointed Arch Doors for that-shape fireplace
These are a few examples to show you that any custom-built full-arch style can be made as an Agave or Gothic or Cathedral shape. In some cases, there is an extra charge for this.

Beckwood Designer Art-Deco Doors NORMALLY have rounded corners
Rounded Top Corner Modification available on some custom-built door sets
Some rectangular custom-built door styles can be made with the upper corners rounded.

From these few examples, you can probably imagine the vast range of possibilities that exist! Pretty much anything that you could imagine could probably be made by one or another of these manufacturers. Of course, if you ask difficult things, be prepared to pay for them!

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