Slider Draft Control

All free-standing JUCAs and L-8 fireplace inserts include an adjustable slider draft control beneath the door.

This control has somewhat different function than the similar control on airtight products. Our draft control DOES have some effect on controlling or adjusting the fire, but an experienced user may use his JUCA for months or years without ever having to readjust the position of this control. Generally, it seems more advantageous to make minor adjustments in the performance of the JUCA by slightly adjusting the setting of the damper that SHOULD be installed in the smokepipe above the JUCA. Both controls can affect the JUCA's performance, and the reasons for us suggesting primarily using the smokepipe damper are pretty complex, so you can try adjusting either or both.

draft One of the very unique things about a JUCA's draft control is how loose it is. Sometimes, people think that was an accident, that it was supposed to be tight and we just messed up. But, NO! The looseness was carefully planned and designed into the JUCA.

If you close that control completely, JUCA designed it so that the total remaining air leakage into the firebox through its looseness, combined with some designed leakage around the UN-gasketed door and the UN-gasketed glass panel in the door, is sufficient to greatly minimize any creosote or pollution creation.

So, this brings up another point. Occasional owners over the years have come to the idea of trying to gasket the door or the glass, or to modify the draft control to make it tighter in its track. Bad idea! These things virtually don't increase the heating performance of the JUCA, which should already be easily able to heat any realistic area. But, they would tremendously worsen the burning characteristics when that draft control is mostly closed, thereby causing as much as 15 times as much creosote and pollution, as it creates when used as we intended.

So, even though we KNOW it sounds like a good idea, PLEASE do NOT gasket the door or glass or tighten the draft slider! Now you know why, too!

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