JUCA Super-Fireplace - Duct Damper

Joining A Duct System

Ducts There are a number of cautions to follow if you are going to feed a JUCA's warm air into an existing duct system. For example, make sure that the first 10 feet of ducting is non-burnable and that it is spaced at least 2 inches from anything combustible in the house.

This particular entry relates to using a movable DAMPER inside the duct system to keep warm (or hot) air from going backwards in any part of the duct system.

First, consider an X-Ray view of the main trunk line duct from a conventional warm air furnace. (See the drawing) We're looking through the side of the duct. The blue lines represent the top and bottom surfaces of the duct. The furnace is to the left, sending warm air (red arrow) through the duct to the house registers to the right.

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