Fire Draft Source on a F-9A or F-9AX

ALL of the door assemblies available on the JUCA F-9A or F-9AX models include some provision for allowing draft air in for the fire. (Actually, that is not necessarily true, because some doorsets CAN be ordered without any draft provision, for fireplaces that already have a direct external source of air for the combustion.) Some have a series of slots near the bottom of the face. Some have a filigree area in the same place. Others have a "hidden" damper that is not normally visible from the room.

Depending on how tight your house is built, you MAY be able to use these draft controls to allow the fire to use air from the house for burning. This is only possible if the house is "loose" enough to allow enough infiltration air to sneak INTO the house to replace the same amount of air that goes up the chimney, carrying the smoke.

If the house is pretty new (meaning extremely tight), that may not be possible. In THAT case (which is getting more and more common as houses keep getting tighter and tighter) then you need to provide an Outside Combustion Air source for the fire. This allows the fire to draw the air it needs directly from outdoors, without using any house air. In a JUCA, this is an option which is a pass through duct through the wall or floor of the firebox. It must be extended by the use of small diameter aluminum or galvanized tubing, like dryer vent tubing. In general, it is also desirable to put some kind of damper in that pipe to be able to adjust draft air flow. Often, a normal duct damper works fine.

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