Rear Feed Door Option on an F-9A

Occasionally, there are installations where there is a utility room behind the JUCA F-9A built-in fireplace. In that specific situation, it might be reasonable to consider this option. It is a heavy steel door centered on the rear wall of the JUCA F-9A.

Since we designed our products to be able to entirely and continuously heat the entire house, it might be undesirable to keep regularly carrying wood across the living room carpet to put into the fireplace to heat the house. Yeah, it's OK to do that for the recreational evening of enjoying the fire! But there must be a better way!

Well, this 'R' Option IS such a way. You could still do everything the romantic, cozy way from the living room. BUT! You could ALSO store the bulk of your firewood in that utility room, and load it from the back. Of course, some care must be taken not to just pitch 30 pound logs in there and overshoot the fire and hit the brass doors from the inside! But, you get the point!

Generally, we make the door the same size and construction as the door on our B-3A Free-Standing Furnace Model.

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