Gas-Line Stub Pipe

Gas Line Stub Pipe If you decide to use either a gas log lighter or a set of gas-burning logs, you need to have JUCA install a stub pipe through the wall or floor of the firebox. It is only a few inches long piece of half-inch iron pipe, threaded on both ends, and welded permanently to the heavy wall of the sealed firebox JUCA. All gas-log sets and all log lighters are compatible with this pipe. On the outside of the firebox, a gas source line would be connected (by a licensed plumber, usually), which has a shut-off valve in it. This is just like the gas line setup for normal fireplaces.

Gas Line Stub Pipe (Outside) The first drawing shows the pipe end that sticks a couple inches INSIDE the firebox. The second drawing shows the outer end, which sticks out a couple inches beyond the JUCA's body and is to be connected to a shutoff valve and then to the gas supply line.

In the event that you choose this option installed by JUCA now, but don't use it right away (while you're burning wood), you must put a PIPE CAP on the firebox end of this pipe to protect the threads. Once you have a gas line connected, you MUST keep a cap on this pipe when it is not being used, and it must be sealed with TAPE DOPE or other thread sealer, to make sure gas couldn't leak into the firebox, with the resultant excitement THAT could cause!


You have a variety of choices as to the location of this gas stub pipe in the firebox. Depending on where your source pipe is, you may wish to specify one of the following. If it is not important just where it is located, JUCA production people will put it in a reasonable location.

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For free-standing JUCAs, the side wall choices probably don't make as much sense, since the pipe would stick out in a visible area of the side of the unit.

This option does NOT include either a gas log lighter or a set of gas-burning logs. Each IS available, at good discount, but they would be purchased separately.

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