Sophisticated Heat Exchanger System

In order to achieve the highest overall efficiency, a wood-burner must attain a high Combustion Efficiency (which means complete burning) and then must accomplish high heat transfer efficiency (to get that heat out into the living areas of the house). JUCA's advanced design does both! The accomplishment of high combustion efficiency is covered elsewhere. The capture of that heat is due to the sophisticated, Computer-designed heat exchangers above the fire.

The fire gives off heat primarily by radiation and convection. You may want to follow the sequence of links describing heat capture and exchange in a JUCA.

The overall design of a JUCA considers ALL of the energy present in the firebox. Different walls, or even parts of walls, are designed is slightly different ways to maximize the heat captured, based on the expected conditions in that area. Therefore, a JUCA actually has a variety of DIFFERENT kinds of heat exchangers, each of which are computer-optimized.

Part of why JUCA's HEAT EXCHANGE efficiency is so high is that we use a substantial sized blower to move the air through the heat exchange passages. Where other woodburners often use 60 cfm or 100 cfm blowers (and they won't tell you their size), the JUCA units all use a hefty 465 cfm blower (or LARGER!). There are two major reasons why this is beneficial.

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The net result of our extremely high COMBUSTION efficiency and our high HEAT TRANSFER efficiency is that the JUCA woodburners are the most efficient products on the market.

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