Left/Right Options on JUCA Models

Most JUCA Models offer Right-handed or Left-Handed Options. The meaning of just what this choice means is different for different JUCA Models. (By the way, we describe right and left from the point of view of you facing the unit.) Here is the run-down:

On F-9A Built-In Fireplaces

The house-air flow through the heat exchangers of an F-9A is from one side to the other. This is why the blower is mounted on one side (feeding the "cold-air plenum" and the warm air is taken off the other side (from the "warm air plenum"). Since this is the case, and since some installation situations make duct connections simpler if the blower is on a specific side, JUCA allows this choice.

If you selected the REMOTE Blower Option, then the unit is symmetric and you generally don't need to be concerned about right- or left-handedness. The same situation is true of the double-sided F-9AX see-through fireplace. The only exception to this is when the two sides of the F-9AX are different, such as one side being a Flat-Arch and the other side being Rectangular. THEN, it can be important about -handedness!

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On B-3x Free-Standing Fireplaces

Right-Handed Door Left-Handed Door
Right Handed Door-a Right Handed Door-b
Normally, the door is installed such that the hinges are on the right (as you face the unit), and the handle is on the left. Long ago, some psychologists did studies (probably government-funded) that established that this arrangement is more comfortable for right-handed people, which most people are. IF YOU ARE LEFT-HANDED (or dyslexic??), you may want us to mount the door the other way. (We're just kidding!!) Sometimes, customers specify the way the door opens because of where they will have the firewood located.

On L-8 Fireplace Inserts

Both of the above possibilities exist on a JUCA L-8 Fireplace Insert.

If you specify left- or right- on an L-8, make sure to indicate whether it is the BLOWER or the DOOR you are referring to!

If you DON'T specify, then USUALLY a right-handed door is put on it, and USUALLY the blower is mounted on the left. But, since these are all custom-made, and each craftsman is unique, if you don't specify it, either choice could be installed.

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