Measuring for a JUCA Fireplace Insert

Since JUCA custom manufactures every Fireplace Insert specifically for individual fireplaces, we need several measurements of the interior of the existing fireplace. Our computer then uses these measurements, and calculates the sizes of all the parts, etc.

When we first started making custom units (in the late 80s), we planned 1/4 inch clearance all around it. Now we KNOW that the customer is always right, and couldn't possibly make a mistake, but we sent one out to Kansas which didn't fit! (Probably a faulty ruler!) We paid to ship it back to our warehouse, re-worked it, and shipped it back out, at our expense. Not much fun!! Since then, we have made JUCA Fireplace Inserts to have ONE INCH clearance all around them, and there has never (yet) been a problem of fitting.

We need SIX dimensions of the fireplace chamber to build the heat exchanger portion. Print this out and fill in the dimensions.

.Opening width
of opening in brick facing of fireplace.
.Opening height
of opening in brick facing of fireplace.
.Rear wall width
of vertical surface.
.Rear wall height
of vertical surface.
.Depth at the floor
from the fireplace facing surface to the vertical back wall.
.Depth at top of opening Hold a yardstick, or broomstick, HORIZONTALLY, up under the middle of the top of the opening, and slide it in until it contacts the sloping rear wall. Measure that distance.

Text Font Face
Text Size
(for printing)
Front view Side view

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