L-8 Warm Air Outlet Provision

On the face of the JUCA L-8 Fireplace Insert are two matching grilles, one on either side of the large glass door. One of these grilles is used to draw room air into the blower (which is right behind it.)

The OTHER grille is the opening through which the JUCA sends its warm air out into the room.

Front of an L-8 Insert You have some choices regarding these grilles. The color of the grilles can be Black, Polished Brass, or Aluminum color. At additional cost, it can be any of a wide variety of colors. Another choice is that you can choose whether the warm air outlet side is the Left or Right of the two grilles. (Keep in mind when you specify this that the BLOWER is on the side that draws the room air IN, and the WARM air comes out the other side. In addition, the electrical power cord for the blower comes out on the side where the blower is.) And finally, we have recently had available some new decorative patterns for the mesh patterns of the openings of the grilles.

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