JUCA Custom-Built B-3A Ordering Form

Prices as of Jan 21, 2015
B-3A Unit Free-Standing Wood-Burning Furnace/Stove $1,839.00
Strong Blower
465 cfm (STD)Standard
915 cfm (MED)+$114.90
1240 cfm (MID)+$138.08
1460 cfm (LRG)+$154.83
2000 cfm (1/2)+$262.48
2550 cfm (3/4)+$322.28
Color Finish
Matte BlackStandard
Orange / Red (Specify)+$39.00
Other Optional Color (Specify)+$72.00
Variable Speed Control+$42.37
Self-Feeding Log Grate+$43.97
Remote Blower Lip+$9.80
Outside-Comb-Air-duct (Location??)+$15.00
Gas-Line Pipe Stub (Location??)+$14.00
Left-Handed Door+$0.00
Freight FOB factory. None now. Collected by trucking company at delivery..
Total OrderAdd all the amounts above$
Sales TaxNone unless you are in IN (6%) or IL (8%).
Total Due$
DepositThe amount you're sending in with this order $
Final Bal. DueThe amount due when the unit is shipped$
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