JUCA Custom-Built L-8 Ordering Form

Prices as of Jan 21, 2015
L-8 Unit Includes 465 cfm Blower Standard
(Pancake units use 336 cfm Blower)
Opening Width Opening Height
Back Wall Width Back Wall Height
Depth at Floor Depth at Top
Grilles Finish
Matte BlackStandard
Polished Brass+30.00
Other Optional Color (Specify)+$39.00
Body Finish
Matte BlackStandard
Other Optional Color (Specify)+$72.00
Blower on LEFT or RIGHT+$0.00
Variable Speed Control+$42.37
Self-Feeding Log Grate+$43.97
Left-Handed Door+$0.00
Pancake Style (Except L-10)+$0.00
Pancake Style (L-10)+$130.00
Pyroceram Glass+$85.30
Oversize (beyond 42") (6")+$200.00
Arch-Top Front (Differential)+$200.00
Freight FOB factory. None now. Collected by trucking company at delivery..
Total OrderAdd all the amounts above$
Sales TaxNone unless you are in IN (6%) or IL (8%).
Total Due$
DepositThe amount you're sending in with this order $
Final Bal. DueThe amount due when the unit is shipped$
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