Opportunity for JUCA Owners

Mini-Dealer Program

If you have ever considered starting a small business of your own, we have some thoughts for you to consider.


No Investment, Virtually no cost, Little time needed, No commitment

As a JUCA owner, you must be used to house guests being impressed with the performance of the JUCA. Over the 20+ years of JUCA's existence, most JUCA dealers started this way. After they watched many people go to us to buy a JUCA after having seen it work, they called us to become a JUCA Dealer or Mini-Dealer.

Now that you have the Downloadable or Diskette JUCA electronic catalog (which are the same), you're in an even better position than they were. You don't even need to know why JUCAs work so well. Just sit a person down at your computer or make a duplicate disc for them to take home to explore on their own computer. Or, even better, have them explore our web-site, which has grown to be even more comprehensive, to learn everything they might want about JUCAs.

There are over 2,900 screens of information and pictures in this program! Even MORE in the web-site! It's not likely that anyone would ever read ALL of it. If they did, and understood it, they would nearly have the equivalent to a college degree in woodburning technology. This program is user friendly enough to allow ANYONE to learn as much or as little as they want about woodburning. If someone just wants to look at the pretty pictures, they could. If someone wants to see the equations of calculus JUCA engineers and JUCA computers use to design and refine the units, they could. (and YOU don't have to understand them!)

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YOU don't need to know how to answer their questions as long as the computer can. With the Computer Questionnaire Program, anyone can analyze any application to determine the best JUCA and the appropriate blower. Then, since all the pricing information is also included, the potential buyer can know exactly what it would cost him including options. By using the Chimney Comparison Shopper, he can assure himself of the best possible price for a chimney from amongst our discount prices for each brand.

The prospect can even create and print out an invoice to hand to you when ordering a JUCA!

The program even has a provision so you could replace OUR address and phone with YOURS so that your duplicate copies would create sales for YOU. A customer would contact you, to place an order for a JUCA. Then you would just order products from us, and we can drop-ship the products directly to the customer. You wouldn't ever have to stock, store or move around JUCAs.

In addition to helping your friends and neighbors save on their heating bills, you'll be helping them be more independent of the oil and gas industries which are bound to have major problems over the next twenty years, which obviously means those prices are going to go up... probably a lot.

If you want to be a Mini-Dealer under this program, you don't even have to officially let us know. The only thing we ask is that when pricing our products from this disc, please notice the date of the prices. Or check our web-site, which should have the current prices. Our prices might go up, especially on accessories and door sets which we can't control.

If you want to, you could make printed copies of any or all of the information sheets included, from our Web-Site. About the only thing that would then be missing would be the precise color charts for the various free-standing colors available.

By the way: It has never been our style to ram anything down anyone's throat. We don't intend to push you to sell JUCAs. Actually, they seem to sell themselves. We just thought that you might want to help people find such an extraordinary product line.


No investment, Mimimal monthly cost, Virtually no time needed, Minimal commitment

A second way of getting into business with JUCAs DOES involve a LITTLE cost, but very little of your time. This is in adding yourself to JUCA's InterNet web-site as a local representative of JUCA products. There is a monthly or quarterly or annual cost of doing this, since you would effectively instantly have your own web-page based business. Then, whenever visitors to the JUCA page happen to be in your area, they would be likely to contact you. Until they do, there's nothing you have to do.

The JUCA web-page gets a LOT of traffic, over 10,000 hits per week! Some of these visitors are BOUND to live near you. And a nice touch is that they have already explored the JUCA web-page, which everyone agrees is very well done, being informative and friendly. We find that many web-site visitors have already answered all their questions from the web-site, and are immediately ready to buy a JUCA!

An interesting aspect to this is that you actually wouldn't even have to have regular Internet access to operate this kind of Internet based business. Of course, if you do, that's great, but even if not, the local contacts web-page can include several ways for customers to contact you, including phone or mail or e-mail. As long as you are familiar with the use of a JUCA, and as long as you will be honest with potential customers, we welcome your participation in this way.


No investment, Little cost to operate, Moderate time needed, No commitment

There is an entirely different way you could use the Diskette-based Program in order to operate a small business of your own. Whether or not you decide to advertise that you were offering the JUCA products, you could make some duplicate diskettes of the JUCA Catalog Program (the Downloadable and the Diskette-based Programs both include the ability to create duplicate diskette of the Program). Even if your computer cannot display color VGA pictures or has minimal ability, the duplicate diskettes would still have that capability and would contain everything on them. If you then MAILED out some of those duplicate diskettes to potential buyers or contractors in your area for them to look at on their own computers, they might buy a JUCA through you. Or even, keep a few in your car, so that when you pass a construction job-site or hear an office conversation about fireplace remodeling, you could just hand out a diskette.

Your total investment would be in buying some diskettes, your time to duplicate (something all computers can do), and mailing costs. By starting small, say 100 diskettes mailed out, your total cost would be well under $100. If only 5 of the recipients later bought a JUCA, you would make about $210 times 5 or $1050. Since only an hour or two of your time would have been consumed, that's pretty nice profit for you! Something to think about for some extra part-time income. The profitability gets even higher as you continue, due to Mini-Dealer Performance Bonuses. See the Mini-Dealer Extra Incentives entry for more on this.

If a Mini-Dealer REALLY starts getting active and later decides to upgrade to being a Stocking Dealer (by buying 5 at a time and some other requirements), in general, JUCA would apply a credit toward the Stocking Dealer purchases equal to the difference of cost OF ALL UNITS PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED THAT YEAR! (INCLUDING THEIR OWN if bought in the same year)

Effectively, the Mini-Dealer retro-actively becomes a Stocking Dealer from a cost point-of-view.

Before all this upgrading, as just an owner or Mini-Dealer, you would (probably) sell JUCAs at our suggested list prices, as customers would see in our Program and Web-site. You would keep 15% of this for yourself, and send in the remaining 85% to JUCA for the products. This means that you would make about $210 profit on every JUCA you helped sell, with effectively NO investment or operating expense!

If you just want to use this Program and information to learn more about YOUR JUCA, that's fine too. The newest operator's manual with all its suggestions and recommendations is included. Maybe you can get even MORE performance out of your JUCA!

The JUCA Home Page is at: http://mb-soft.com/juca/index.html

E-mail to: JUCA1@mb-soft.com