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Every supplier tries to make you believe that their products are the best ideas since sliced bread. Always NEW, IMPROVED, and SALE PRICED especially for you. Either there are a lot of very smart people out there designing these magical things ... or they think their customers (you) aren't very shrewd.

Then there's the semi-deceptive advertising. Many ads say "50,000 Btu/hr" and "10 hour burn time" kind of implying that both are possible at the same time. The laws of physics and chemistry must still apply. If the firebox is two cubic feet, it will hold a normal load of about 25 pounds of firewood, each of which has about 6000 Btu of available heat. Assuming the product has 70% efficiency, that means there is about 100,000 total Btu available. It could be used as 50,000 Btu/hr for 2 hours (so they claim "50,000 Btu/hr output"); or as 10,000 Btu for 10 hours (so they claim "10 hour burn time)." These are very different situations from a customer's viewpoint. And a significant detail is that "10 hours" and "50,000 Btu/hr" cannot occur at the same time! I guess that's considered acceptable selling procedure these days, to mislead customers to make a sale. (We don't believe in doing that!)

The ultimate point to us is: Does the product please or disappoint a customer who just bought one, and does it improve their lives.

JUCA Super-Fireplaces manufactures wood-burning products, too. And, unless you know someone who has one, it's justifiable to be skeptical of us, too. We hope our UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE of totally heating ANY single family house in the US. (any age, any climate, any size, any condition, any state) will help allay your skepticism. Also, our FOREVER transferable WARRANTEE and our 20+ years continuous manufacturing experience should help. (We started the new comprehensive Guarantee and Warantee in 1989, and so far, (in 2012) no one has yet requested any action regarding either.)

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You might ask, "You've been around over 20 years. Why haven't I heard about these JUCAs before, if they're supposed to be so good?" Well, WE DON'T ADVERTISE! Since 1981, we only placed one small ad in an obscure fishing magazine (in about 1988). Happy owners and contractors have spread the word and kept us busy. (Most of all the mini-dealers JUCA has ever had are just very satisfied owners who eventually asked US to be allowed to tell others about JUCAs.) Our web-site is our only publicity recently, after we put it up in 1997.

JUCAs currently keep a little over 100,000 Americans warm and snug each winter. Since many of our products list for about $1,400 and some people faced $300 per month heating bills BJ (before JUCA) which are eliminated, most JUCAs can pay for themselves the first winter of use. All of the following years' savings are pure gravy!! (Gee! I wonder if we're helping solve the problems of the National economy??!)

In the spring of 1992, a man stopped by. He had bought a JUCA B-3 in 1977 to eliminate his $300 (then!) monthly heating bill. He consistently put the $300 he saved in a bank every month! He calculated (in 1992) that the amounts he saved (and interest) had already totaled over $35,000 and had put three kids through college! These sorts of things are nice for us to hear!

JUCA owners know that they received a product which worked BETTER than they had expected. They know that's because we genuinely care about them. Many have become lasting friends and pen-pals because they understand that we wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't buy ourselves. In most cases, we haven't actually met, because of the distances involved across the country.

What in the world could there be about these JUCAs that could create such amazing owner loyalty? JUCAs are not like ANY other wood burner you're familiar with. In a dozen major ways they are better. Briefly describing the JUCA B-3B, here are some differences:

  1. Very large firebox (9.5 cubic feet); nearly five times the size of many competitors' products. Using figures from above (and our approximately 80% efficiency), about 650,000 Btu are available to heat the house, so 65,000 Btu/hr for 10 hours is quite normal. The B-3B is conservatively rated at 122,000 Btu/hr and briefly produced 1,400,000 Btu/hr in UL safety tests - enough to heat 20 full houses in the dead of winter!

  2. The huge firebox allows the use of very thick logs which burn evenly for many hours. JUCAs get their 10-12 hour burn times WITHOUT SUFFOCATING THE FIRE like airtights do. This principle of operation virtually ELIMINATES creosote and pollution production. It also creates extremely high (98-99%) combustion efficiency. In the lazy flame which has plenty of oxygen, virtually everything which COULD burn, DOES! No catalytic combustor or secondary burn attempts are necessary. Also, by using really thick logs, very low heat output is available for mild days. The narrow output range of airtights isn't true here. A non-airtight JUCA can produce a constant 10,000 Btu/hr or over 100,000 Btu/hr. Air-tight products only have a very narrow range of output available.

  3. Well above the flames, so as not to chill and affect the burning, is an extremely efficient, computer-designed heat exchanger which recovers the vast majority of the heat in the smoke and transfers it to the JUCA's ductable, blower- driven, forced-air system. Since the JUCA burns so totally due to the advanced non-airtight design, there is virtually no creosote in the smoke. Air-tight wood burners can't have extremely efficient heat exchanger - otherwise the smoke cools to below 350F and lots of creosote condenses in the chimney rapidly creating a potential safety hazard. They are limited to about 70% efficiency without this happening (and that's really pushing the technology). JUCAs clean burning allows us to extract MUCH more usable heat so less is lost up the chimney.

  4. After the smoke has passed through the efficient JUCA heat exchanger, it is often at 230F-250F, allowing JUCAs to achieve the 80% overall efficiency range which no one else can do safely. In the middle 1970s, JUCA engineers actually built several test units which tested out at 90-91% overall efficiency! It turns out that this was undesirable since the 170F smoke didn't want to go up the chimney (inconsistent draft) and HUGE amounts of water condensed in the chimney, much like modern high-efficiency condensing gas furnaces create.

  5. Either wood OR gas can be burned. Similar flame appearance exists in both cases. Similar heating of the whole house also applies similarly in both cases. Transition from one mode to the other only takes a couple minutes!

JUCA, the company, is as unique as its products. We LOVE to customize products for specific applications. We offer over 35 colors for our free-standing products and over 1,500 different brass facings on our built-in models. Our standard products include units with glass on one side; glass on three sides; see-through built-ins; inserts for existing fireplaces; all with countless options available. How many manufacturers ENJOY customizing their products to best suit costomers' needs? (ANY type of products!) Most would give an immediate NO; others whine about it and make you pay through the nose and make you wait months and months.

With all this custom JUCA stuff, are we talking 16 weeks here? NO! We ship most orders, even custom, in about 3 WEEKS!

Pricing? We could easily get away with charging $2000 or more for our standard units which easily out-perform any competitor. (Actually, most competitors' furnace-type products go for over $3,000) But we don't. Our popular B-3B currently goes for $1,389, including the performance guarantee, the forever warrantee, a large glass door, and a good sized 465 cfm automatic blower. Custom features are very nominally priced, too. Even our largest standard unit, the B-3D, which is over six feet tall, currently goes for only $1,959.

We are not stupid. We are confident that we would sell just about as many units at much higher prices, if we priced our products like all competitors do. We are also quite aware that several competing central wood furnaces sell for over $3,000. (We could EASILY get away with tweaking our prices up.) That STILL doesn't inspire us to jack up our prices!

We HAVE found it sad (and funny, in a way), that some potential customers were about to buy JUCA units but eventaully decided to get a more expensive competing product, BECAUSE OUR PRICES ARE SO LOW! They thought that if our products were really so good, we would ask higher prices for them! (This IS America, after all. Free market and all that!) If you're one of this type of people, consider our prices now $1,000 higher than listed, which you should give to your favorite charity or Church! That would make us happier than if you sent it to us!

Well, we STILL don't intend to advertise!

But we thought you might want to know about an excellent, proven product which is quietly available. So we made our little Web-Site on the InterNet. It is chock full of background information, as is JUCA's way, of helping people make INFORMED BUYING DECISIONS. Whether that includes a JUCA product or not is your choice. You won't be hassled by salespeople, or wind up on aggressive mailing lists. If someday, you become interested in getting a JUCA, you'll have to contact us. You've probably figured out by now that this Web-site (and everything else JUCA does) is meant more as a public service than anything else. We try to help people be as informed and knowledgeable as they wish, in order to be able to make a smart buying decision for their particular circumstances. If that decision includes a JUCA product, then we try to supply the sturdiest, best performing, most attractive, most flexible unit possible. Our "old-fashioned" Christian values tell us that's how ALL businesses should behave. Even if nobody else does, we aim to maintain these principles.

In the event that you someday become interested in helping others learn about JUCA products, we have similar ideas. We have NEVER aggressively pursued dealers to "hawk" JUCA products. We let them decide for themselves on such matters. We don't even try to convince anyone to invest their life savings in buying a hundred JUCAs. Many JUCA Mini-Dealers just get their own, and then get one at a time, which are often shipped directly to their customers. Maybe for a friend with an extreme heating application; maybe for a burning display in a store; maybe for just trying out their own small home-based business.

Just decide what you want to do. We're here to help. We've got good products and good people. Period.

The JUCA Home Page is at: http://mb-soft.com/juca/index.html

E-mail to: JUCA1@mb-soft.com