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Back of a B-3B, showing the blower sticking out near the bottom The blower on a JUCA is normally attached to the unit itself. On free-standing (B-3 series) units, it is attached to the back (extending out), about a foot above the bottom of the unit (as shown in the picture of the Standard Blower on a B-3B). On Built-In Fireplace (F-9A series) units, it is normally attached to one of the two outer side walls (extending out to the side). The location for a free-standing (B-3 series) unit is such that the blower can draw (house) air from around itself, and push it into the first of the JUCA sealed heat exchanger chambers. In the case of the Built-In (F-9A series) unit, it is usually necessary to make an air box around the blower (which is hidden inside the wall) and connect that air box to a large grille or register somewhere inside the house, or to the house's cold air return system. (See the Blower description page for information on the specific blower you want, to know how far it will extend out from the JUCA body.)

Sometimes this is impractical or undesirable. On F-9A series Built-In Fireplace models, it is often undesirable to have the blower inside a "chase" which surrounds the unit. Blower maintenance is occasionally necessary. And the blower must have some access to house air to draw from. This last CAN be provided inside a chase either by a "cold air return duct" from the house cold air return system OR by providing a cold-air register-grille (of suitable size for the particular blower being used) in the wall of the chase, again with some internal ducting to connect this opening with the blower itself. On free-standing B-3 series models, customers sometimes don't want the blower present in its normal position. In both cases, people realize that our blowers are large and strong, and all of our optional blowers are normally used in conventional house central furnaces. Because of their great capability, the make a certain amount of noise, very much like the sound of a conventional house furnace blower (because that's what they are!)

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THIS REMOTE option allows an alternative to this. It also allows an alternative to having the blower on a free-standing JUCA sticking out the back of the unit, in the event that appearance or space or return air access suggests having the blower somewhere else. The Remote Blower Lip allows you to put the blower somewhere else in the house (even 30 feet away, for example), and then have its air ducted to the JUCA. The Remote Blower Lip is just a small lip mounted on the JUCA around an opening where the blower would have been mounted, which allows connection to such a duct. It is usually made to be compatible with 8" by 16" rectangular ducting.

In the case of the built-in F-9 series units, there is sometimes good cause for using the REMOTE option, even though the blower will still be inside the chase. Let's say that the adjacent room has a very high ceiling. In that case, warm air rises to congregate up there, and a ceiling fan is often necessary to try to get it down to where the people are. If the JUCA F-9A has the REMOTE blower provision, then a duct elbow and a vertical run can extend upward, inside the chase, to the blower, which is still hidden inside the chase, but nearly at ceiling level. Then, a return air grille is installed in the wall adjacent to the blower. This allows the JUCA's blower to draw that wasted warm air from high in the room, push it down, through the JUCA, heating it up more, and discharging it near floor level. This situation gives MUCH greater comfort level and evenness of heating than would be otherwise available, and also can save on heating because of re-circulating that wasted high warm air. It can even eliminate the need for a ceiling fan!

We chose that (8" x 16") size duct as a standard because it is large enough to carry the air flow from JUCA blowers at practical air velocities, AND because that sized main distribution ducting is commonly available from local heating/plumbing stores without having to custom make ducts. See our Main Duct presentation for more info on that subject. Such a store will have all the necessary elbows and other fittings you might need for virtually any installation.

Since the optional JUCA blowers are strong, they can push the air through substantial ducting in order to get the final heated warm air into your house. Some people see the logic in the value of our strong blower, but they want it dead quiet around the fireplace. No Problem! With the REMOTE option, the blower could be mounted in the basement at the other end of the house!

This option can allow having a JUCA upstairs (in a living room) while its blower is downstairs (in a basement), as long as the blower draws HOUSE air and not dank BASEMENT or CRAWL-SPACE air. In such case, the JUCA would have a downward curved elbow attached over the Remote blower lip, so the incoming duct comes up through the floor to bring its air up from the blower below. Many possibilities are available. Again, see our Main Duct presentation for ideas on various REMOTE ducting possibilities.

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