Removable Safety Panel

All free-standing JUCAs (and the L-8 fireplace insert) include removable safety panels which cover the glass areas. These safety panels are positioned about 1/2 inch inward (toward the fire) from the glass panel. This is for the periods when the JUCA is operating unattended, such as while you're at work or asleep.

With the safety panel in place, even if a big log rolled off the fire toward the glass, no heat or sparks could escape out into the room. Or, if the fire suddenly roared up, everything is still safe.

When you get home, open the door, slide the safety panel out the end of the door, close the door, and get a nice view of the fire.

On units with side glass panels, the safety panels lift up then down to remove or install. All panels have handles to aid in removing or installing them. An "oven glove" must be used when they are HOT!

At bedtime, slide the panel back in.


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