Production Schedule - JUCA L-8

JUCA has again started production of certain Models of its products. With the looming hard times ahead, we realize that a lot of people are soon about to need to be heating their homes using wood, to avoid enormous winter heating bills. Therefore, JUCA has decided to again start production of the Models that we think are likely to be most useful in this regard. That means we are now building B-3B, B-3A free-standing units, and F-9A and F-9AX built-in fireplace units, any of which can easily totally heat any normal-sized house. We are also now building the L-8 and L-8X fireplace insert Models, so that people could get a lot more house heating from an existing fireplace.

The many other JUCA Models MAY someday again be manufactured, but probably not any time soon.

We are not aware of any other manufacturer that is willing to custom-build their fireplace inserts like we have always done. All of the existing competing fireplace inserts are really pretty small (so they would fit in most any fireplace) and have very small glass areas, tiny blowers and minimal heat capture surfaces inside them. And they're air-tight, so they have those natural pollution and creosote problems. And, worst of all, they're much more expensive than our L-8 units ever have been. (You already knew all that from our web-page presentation!)

We ARE manufacturing a SMALL NUMBER of L-8 units now! Not nearly enough for all the thousands that Internet visitors want! But we are trying to do our best. As to production time, it can vary, dependent on demand, but five to six weeks seems realistic.

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