(this is meant as dark humor!)

We just read a couple articles in the industry trade magazines, that very strongly emphasized that sellers of ANY products should attempt to inspire urgency in customers, because they will not buy your product otherwise.

One of the articles emphasized that a customer's fear and greed should be manipulated to cause him to buy your product. We're supposed to create a "buying frenzy". Tell them about your "Going out of business sale" or some other disaster to inspire their greed in wanting to take advantage of you. Create fear by harping on things like the Y2K "the sky is falling" images, and fears of massive power outages or fuel source disruptions. One of the most popular of those is the Carpet Sale that expires this Saturday. But has gotten replaced by a NEW sale that expires Saturday for at least 15 years! Or the ads that claim that UNLESS YOU CALL WITHIN FOUR MINUTES, you will miss out on some special deal. I used to wait until FIVE minutes and call them, and act all sad that I had taken too long! They always seemed willing to extend the offer BUT ONLY FOR ME! Yeah, right!

Then, the article stated that customers have very limited attention spans, and that you have to push, push, push them to buy your product, today, NOW!

The other article explained that you should act in whatever ways necessary to get the customers to like you, because then they will trust you, and then you can get them to be generous to you, by buying your product. The article continued with implications that you should play on their sympathy or anything else, to make the sale. And that you have to be aggressive in asking the customer to buy now, today.


Doesn't anyone care about what's best for the customer any more?? I hope you noticed that that "expert guidance" never referred to whether the specific product was actually any good, or actually suitable to a customer's needs, because that is apparently irrelevant today!

Is this REALLY the way that sellers envision their customers? As a lower form of life that must be manipulated to cause them to buy a product? If so, that's a really sad statement on our society!

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We have long known that there were SOME salespeople who acted this way, but to find out that they are now being universally TAUGHT such things?!?! Don't people start suspecting anarchist plots when such things are found???

I hope these concepts might cross your mind the next time you're in a big store talking to a salesperson. There is apparently a good chance that that person was trained to "manipulate" you and to treat you like you don't have a brain! But just smile, because there isn't a lot we can do about the way American companies do business! And then they wonder why we are so cynical about their offers to give us millions of dollars and free cars and free everything. Oh, did we mention out that we just doubled the prices of all JUCA products, but for YOU, we're giving a HUGE 50% discount? What a joke!

A few of those companies even feel that they are being above-board and ethical. There actually ARE people who win $10 million just for buying some magazines. But the company might point out that you are at least thirty times more likely to be killed by lightning than to win that money. So, in a technical sense, they ARE being truthful, but they are still attempting to mislead customers. Isn't that some category of deception???

Well, we have NEVER acted like that, and don't intend to start now. We believe that a superior product should be able to sell itself, if an intelligent customer is given sufficient accurate information on which to make a decision.

Of the 25,000+ JUCAs sold over the years, there are probably only a handful where our personnel have ever even nudged a sale along! In general, we are a remarkably patient bunch. Sometimes, customers mull over a decision for YEARS before deciding to get a JUCA! We don't see this as a problem. If and when they ever get to a point of needing one of our products, we expect to be here to make it for them!

This web-site has well over 1,000 files in it. Hundreds of specific subject presentations are offered, to help inform a potential customer about whatever aspects and subjects are important to him or her. But, we're pretty sure that NONE of the pages have any reference to trying to get you to actually BUY one! We don't think it's necessary, or even appropriate, to push a customer to make a purchase. We credit our customers with intelligence to be able to judge for themselves whether they actually should buy a JUCA.

We find dark humor in the fact that an occasional customer clearly expects us to make the moves to attempt to close a sale, and that we just don't do that. If there is enough uncertainty in their mind that they need an outsider (and, probably a BIASED outsider, at that!) to push them to make a purchase, then we don't believe it's our place to do the pushing. Sometimes customers like that just walk away, looking stunned. I remember a guy once, whose pocket was clearly packed with a bunch of dollar bills ready to pay for a JUCA, walked away like that, after we didn't push him to buy it. After he left, a salesman friend of ours, who had happened by and witnessed the situation, was literally shrieking at why we didn't try to "close" the sale because the guy clearly wanted and expected to buy one. He probably had some good points. We probably induced some unnecessary stress in that customer, in wondering if we doubted our own products, since we didn't seem interested in "pushing" them! (A few weeks later, he came back and bought one!)

We can't even give you the excuse of an impending price increase! In our 35 years of making and selling JUCAs, we have only ever had 7 price increases, and the three last ones were in 1989 and 2000 and mid-2008! Imagine how long it will be before we have another!

SOOOOOOOO, take your time, read all the stuff you want, not just from our site, but from all available sources. You will probably get some quite diverse points of view, since each product vendor tends to be very biased in what they tell you, to try to make sure you buy their stuff. I mean, this IS America! You've probably already noted that we have tried to avoid that sort of thing, because, as far as we're concerned, the CUSTOMER'S needs are paramount, even if it means their not getting a JUCA after having learned from our site. (Except people who try to steal the JUCA design to sell or build! We REALLY don't like that!)

Digest all of what you learn, and then make the best decision FOR YOU and your circumstances. As long as you do that, and if you can benefit from our web-site, then we have done our job, whatever your decision is. If it happens to be to buy a JUCA, cool! If not, almost as cool! Surprisingly enough, there actually ARE decent competitors out there, and for certain applications, like heating one or two rooms, some may be perfect. Only you can judge that. In our opinion, the "good" products out there seem to be awfully expensive, but this is America, and there's a Free Market!

Modern society, and modern business, have clearly lost some valuable traits from the way they SHOULD be. (That's an opinion!) But just because everyone else behaves in certain ways, we don't think it means WE have to. We prefer to have the CUSTOMER'S needs at the center of our efforts rather than concerns about sell, sell, sell!

Oh! Let's see! We should now have the hypnosis section! Please stare at the following word for an hour or so: Buy!!!!.

This probably comes across as a cynical attitude about American business. We hope that's not so! We are proud of America and the American approaches to business, which have been instrumental in enabling our country to grow to what we are today. But, if businesses (or society) is to ever remember earlier ethics and principles and morals, it is probably helpful if there are some examples of companies that try to behave properly. That's all we try to do. Are we perfect? Not EVEN close!!! But we try!

Considering the modern business environment, we are definitely an unusual company! The sad thing is that, a hundred years ago, no one would have noticed anything unusual about us! Sad, isn't it?

The JUCA Home Page is at: http://mb-soft.com/juca/index.html

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