Variable Speed Control

For Standard(465cfm), Medium(915cfm), Mid(1240cfm), or Large(1460cfm) Blower

In applications where the JUCA's blower is directly IN the living area of the house, a Variable Speed Control might be a reasonable option.

The JUCA performs most efficiently when the blower is allowed to run at its full speed, but, being a modern, high-efficiency blower, it can make a fair amount of 'air noise' because it moves so much air. A variable speed control could be used to reduce the blower's rotational speed (and therefore airflow rate, and therefore 'air noise') while you are watching TV or whatever.

Some people are under a mis-conception regarding variable speed controls. Since the air flows through the JUCA heat exchangers more slowly, the air is inside the JUCA longer. This causes each individual molecule of air to come out HOTTER. Some people conclude from this hotter air that the JUCA is being more efficient. Exactly the opposite is actually true.

The air IS hotter, for sure. But there is much less air coming out! It turns out that the total heat coming out (amount of air times the temperature rise in it) is considerably less. The reason that it is less is fairly complicated, but it is related to the fact that the most efficient heat transfer efficiency in the heat exchange process is dependent on the metal temperature of the exchange surface. The COOLER the metal surface, the better the fire's radiation and convection are able to go into the metal, and the more heat can be recovered.

We realize that you probably didn't want a technical discussion here, but we wanted you to know the facts. Thanks for your indulgence.

Our variable speed control fits inside a standard single-gang Handi-box. Free-standing JUCAs and our Fireplace Inserts have such a box as part of their structure.

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Finally, a variable speed control may not be necessary for you. If your JUCA is in a basement or garage, or if it has a REMOTE blower location in such a place, or if the blower is surrounded by walls or other sound-baffling surfaces or materials, you may not need a variable speed control. If you later found that the sound was not adequately baffled, you could add a variable speed control later!

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