JUCA Free-Standing Wood/Gas Furnaces

Pix of an B-3B

Model B-3B

and other sizes of JUCA Free-Standing Stoves

Our most popular free-standing model has proven its ability to completely heat many thousands of homes all across the U.S. for over 20 years. Combining the performance of a wood-burning furnace, the installation convenience and economy of a woodstove, and the fire-viewing of a fireplace, the B-3B is the ultimate in wood-burners. The blower-driven warm air that comes out the adjustable side outlets and/or the duct system seems like it was produced by a gas furnace ... you can't tell that it wasn't! Safe, comfortable, clean air to evenly heat your house. No cold drafts along the floor. Users often remark that then comfort level with a JUCA is far better than that with gas or oil heat, and they save money, too. With appropriate (optional) blowers, B-3Bs are heating spaces ranging from 400 square feet to over 5,000 square feet in all climate areas of the U.S.A. Clearly the most versatile wood burner on the market. And the best performing. So effective that JUCA GUARANTEES that a B-3B can fully heat ANY single-family house in the U.S.A! And very clean burning, too. Reasonably priced, at about $1,900!

For a better view of the JUCA B-3B

Gas Burning

When the JUCA B-3B is used with a 24" set of gas logs, the appearance is exactly that while using wood. The enjoyment of watching the flickering fire through the glass door is wonderful. While this is happening, the 90,000 Btu/hr burner is creating enough heat to be heating the whole house! A variety of log styles are even available, from Mountain Oak to Twisted Cypress to White Birch. Various accessory control systems can use a wall thermostat to cycle the burner on and off like a gas furnace or be controlled by a handheld remote control. The automatic operation of the fire cycling on and off is a popular option so that the JUCA fireplace acts as the house's central heating system.

It's great to have this mode of operation while gas prices are reasonable while still having the capability of heating the whole house with wood if something silly happens again in the Mideast. The best of both worlds!

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Efficient and handsome, the JUCA B-3B will blend in with any decor. The versatility of being able to install it upstairs, downstairs, in an attached garage, or in a cellar; of using it as a room heater, as an add-on furnace, or as a separate furnace; of being able to enjoy the fire through a large glass door (except in model B-3A); make it the best product on the market. Since it has the capability of heating even very large houses, and since the firebox is large enough to take giant pieces of wood, you get long, even, constant heating just like with a regular furnace. You just don't have to pay for the gas, oil, or electricity!

JUCA Model B-3B, showing features The rotating free-standing JUCA Model B-3B at the left shows a number of its features.

On the front is the large door that is nearly all glass , with the slide draft control underneath.

On the back is the (Standard) blower near the bottom, the 8" by 16" warm air outlet (to connect into ducts) near the top, and the automatic blower control assembly to the right.

Less obvious are the adjustable warm air outlets on the sides, under the overhangs about halfway up.

The firebox bottom is lined with castable firebrick. A slide draft control under the door can adjust the fire. Dozens of optional colors are available for the top half to liven up a room; however matte black is standard. Our standard blower is nice and powerful and is automatically controlled by a built in temperature probe. The optional blowers are even stronger (up to 3/4 hp), and one of them is usually necessary when feeding central heating ducts to heat a whole house. Adjustable air outlets on both sides also send warm air out into the room, down along the floor where it does the most good. Our glass doors use high temperature glass, but we also include a metal inner safety panel that slides into place when the unit is unattended (while you're at work or asleep) to make sure large logs can't shift and crash into the glass. We believe that JUCAs are the only glass-doored wood burners with this extra safety feature. Blower is 115 volt.

Whereever a JUCA is installed, you get remarkably even, comfortable, long-lasting heat everywhere in your house. You eliminate your regular heating fuel bill. It feels great to carry wood to your JUCA when you know that each armload saves you about $3.00 (or more) on your heating bill. There are no cold drafts, even at floor level. The built-in computer-assisted-design heat exchanger is so efficient that you get more usable heat with less wood burned.

In recent years, gas and oil prices have been tolerable. As long as this situation continues, a set of gas logs may be used inside the JUCA. Then, you get all the performance benefits of the JUCA heat exchangers. You get the coziness of a woodstove. You get the ambiance of watching a fire. (It just doesn't get any better than that!) And when, some day in the future gas or oil shortages occur, you could convert it to using wood in just a couple of minutes.

The units have two adjustable side warm air outlets. All but the K-3 also have a large outlet that can feed a house central heating duct system to send heat to the entire house. Standard color- Matte black, with many optional colors available for the top half; Castable firebrick bottom; The blower turns on and off automatically.

Model B-3B

Our most popular JUCA, this unit has a large glass door and a huge firebox for using 8" - 9" diameter full logs.

Model B-3A

Identical to the B-3B except that the glass door is replaced by a thick steel door, for installations in cellars or garages where it will not be desirable to see the fire burn.

Model B-3J

A smaller version of the B-3B. The B-3J will still fully heat nearly any normal sized and insulated house, but the firebox is a little smaller which gives slightly shorter burn times; but it takes up less space.

Model K-3

A smaller yet version of the B-3B that is meant for heating a specific open area without ducts. It operates on a slightly different principle than the other JUCAs and is therefore slightly less efficient. This is the only free-standing JUCA unit that does NOT have provision to feed the house central warm air duct system.


. B-3B B-3A B-3J K-3
RatedOut(Btu/hr) 122,000 122,000 86,000 65,000
Log Length: 24 in 24 in 20 in 16 in
H/W/D (inches): 53x33x30 53x33x30 45x27x25 36x22x20
Flue Size: 8 in 8 in 6 in 6 in
Firebox: 9.5 cu ft 9.5 cu ft 5.5 cu ft 3.0 cu ft
Door Opening: 21" x 15" 21" x 15" 17" x 12" 14" x 10"
Expcted BurnTime 10-11 hr 10-11 hr 7-8 hr 5-6 hr
Blower (cfm): 465 to 2550 465 to 2550 465 to 1240 465
Duct Outlet: 8" x 16" 8" x 16" 8" x 12" None
Weight: 490 lb 495 lb 290 lb 220 lb
Price: $1,889

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