Advanced JUCA Products

The woodstove industry is just now catching on to some of the design features that the JUCA Model B-3B has offered for over 20 years now. Doesn't that tell you something about how advanced a design the JUCA has? And also something about the progressive thinking associated with these fine woodburners? Even the fact that virtually all the competitive stoves have gone off the market or changed styles or designs drastically says something about the effectiveness of their design, while the JUCA B-3B is virtually unchanged from the first units sold in 1974. It is not necessary to change something that works to perfection.

The advanced, tapered heat exchanger design ... the non-airtight fuel-limited principle of operation ... the mating of woodstove efficiency, fireplace charm and central heating comfort ... the usage of large capacity blowers ... the flexibility of locating the unit upstairs, downstairs, in the garage ... the minimum of creosote produced ... the application of isobaric equilibrium and controlled turbulence in a domestic heating system ... These are all advances first introduced in the 1974 JUCA models and still present in current JUCAs.

We have seen competitors catch on to some of these ideas, such as high-capacity blowers and recently, non-airtight operation. However, they still do not have the sophistication of our more advanced features, some of which were perfected using computer simulations and other state-of-the-art procedures. Back in 1976 we described the JUCA as the 'woodstove of the 80s'. Maybe we overestimated the competition, since it is very clear that they still have a lot to learn in order to offer a product as advanced as the JUCA. As a matter of fact, in 1980, in a published letter to the industry, we even offered to help our competitor manufacturers improve their products' performance and safety characteristics. (No takers, by the way)

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The units work well ... very well. JUCA generally describes the B-3B as being able to easily heat 1500-2000 square feet. Customers regularly tell us of keeping 3000 to 4000 square foot homes heated as comfortably as gas heat WITH ONE JUCA (and usually not even one of our bigger models). One customer has heated 5300 square feet to the family's total satisfaction for 15 years now (with a B-3B). We still prefer to be conservative and say it will heat normal sized houses easily. It is nice to see the reaction of customers when it does more than they ever expected a woodburner could.

It feels good to know that every single one of the people that have bought a B-3B or other JUCA can fully and comfortably heat their home. A supplier couldn't ask for more from his product.

After 20+ years, the JUCA is still the "woodburner of the future."

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