The Staff At JUCA

We at JUCA have an unusual approach for a modern American business. We are dedicated to trying to improve our little corner of the universe. This means selling only products that WE would want to buy. It seems to us all too common these days to buy a product and then be disappointed that it fell short of the hyped-up advertising claims which caused you to buy it in the first place. We have always tried hard to make sure that JUCA buyers find that their JUCA works BETTER than they had expected.

Many thousands of homes have been totally heated by JUCAs for over twenty years. These unique units which were originally designed by a nuclear physicist and later refined by a high-speed computer, burn remarkably cleanly and therefore produce amazingly little pollution and creosote. We are not contributing to the destruction of the environment like airtights which necessarily burn poorly or even "conventional" heating fuels which use up petroleum and natural gas and add massive new constituents to the atmosphere.

We offer a variety of attractive, long burning, clean burning, glass-doored models. These time-proven products are warranted forever (some models), and several are guaranteed to TOTALLY heat ANY home. We could realistically charge three times as much as we do for them. And probably sell just as many! Several other companies charge that much and more, for products that don't do as much as a JUCA. But that's not our way. Our goal has always been to keep quality and performance high while keeping prices as low as possible. In over twenty years, we've only ever had SIX price increases; only TWO since 1981! Many owners can save more in one year's heating bills than the JUCA's cost.

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Speaking as a JUCA person, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside each time I can help a customer get something which fulfills their needs. Occasionally that even involves competing products, which we usually can get at a 15% discount. But generally, it is in helping a potential buyer to learn enough about wood burning to make an informed choice. That's why this web-site presentation has thousands of information screens available to read. We don't expect anyone to read all of them, but if a customer can research an area of woodburning which concerns him, then we've done our job and so has this web-site. Even when someone elects not to get a JUCA, we still like to help. If an area is not adequately covered in this web-site, please feel free to contact our technical people. We'd love to help you out, and we won't even pressure you to buy anything from us! It will probably inspire us to add another entry to the site!

We believe that all companies should give priority to the customer's well-being instead of being so focused on the "bottom line". No bean counters, here! A hundred years ago, all successful companies had that attitude. We feel that it's still appropriate today. It'll never make us another General Motors, but we don't want to be. It's GREAT just helping people.

The JUCA Home Page is at: juca