Notes On The JUCA Program Diskette

The JUCA web-site includes a link to down-load an InterActive Program into your computer. For several years, we used the Program on a diskette, as our main piece of literature. In 1997 and 1998, we put EVERYTHING in the Web-site that is in the downloadable program. This has made the diskette (or down-loadable) Program somewhat obsolete. In addition, we have put so much effort into building a COMPLETE Web-site, that it actually has many features and articles that never were in the Program. But the Program is pretty unique, and we're proud of it. Once it's in your computer, you would even be able to make duplicates of itself to put on a floppy diskette, to give to a friend who might benefit from knowing about JUCAs. In addition, the various JUCA business opportunities (as Mini-Dealer or Dealer) can generally benefit from being able to hand out such diskettes to potential customers.

As far as we can tell, the JUCA diskette is a unique (and exciting) way of presenting a product. Since the JUCA products are so advanced and technological, it was hard to present the JUCA concept in any brief format. Then, when we would "edit", invariably we would leave out information important to that customer! With so many unique features, we often would address aspects that were unimportant to that customer; or we would talk above or below their level.


When customers explore the JUCAs via this diskette, each can study just those areas that interest him or her, whizzing past topics that aren't significant for that particular application.

Since each subject area is presented at several levels (usually four), it is possible to get answers that are both understandable and complete. For example:

(General)-(Technical)-(314) describes JUCA's concept of operation - in advanced math equations

(Models)-(Heat Production) describes the same thing - in a mini-movie thru pictures

The environment is GREAT - NO SALESMAN HOVERING!!

A difficult subject area can be reviewed over and over without a feeling of being dumb for not "getting it the first time."

We tried to make it FUN, too! Since some people are afraid of computers, we included some early cute stuff (like when it finds a Mouse!) and kept a friendly, humorous, helpful tone throughout. Once a novice computer user gets relaxed with the infernal device, he can then get down to concentrating on the important stuff: whether a JUCA product would benefit him. In this vein, we made it so that it should auto-load, auto-boot, and auto-start by just having the diskette pushed in when the computer is turned on. During use, virtually no typing is necessary beyond and Arrow Keys.

The phenomenal amount of information included is meant as a wood-burning data-base so that a customer can be an informed customer, whether or not he gets a JUCA product. Many subject areas included have nothing at all to do with JUCA products. Over the years, we have found that many people mix up the fireplace terms "Mantel", "Lintel", and "Hearth", so in (Models)-(Fireplace Inserts), we included a picture with arrows flying around pointing each out. And did you see the (General)-(Wood) chart of all wood species?

We have tried to make the diskette universally computer-compatible. It works with any DOS (IBM) compatible computer made since about 1981 (Version 2.11 up). It should adapt itself to fit the computer. It adapts all pictures and text to suit Black+White monitors. For older computers without graphics (Pictures) capability, the program knows and gives a humorous comment on the picture not being seen. If a computer has EGA graphics(64 colors), the program knows and adjusts. Same thing for VGA graphics(256,000 colors). Or MCGA, or CGA. It recognizes a Mouse and lets you choose to use it or not. For people who like Number Keypad (Accountant types, mostly), the Keypad numbers become Arrow Keys at appropriate times, and are Number Keys when numbers are needed! For older, slow computers, you can speed up the flames and some other stuff. If you have a color monitor, it starts out with a Red/Gray motif, but if you're a Pisces, you can change it to Ocean Blue or Azure.

The program was developed and written on a brand-new (virgin) computer which never had modem or fax or any non-commercial diskette in it (except blanks, of course.) No computer virus could possibly have gotten into it. (If a JUCA diskette does not have our label on it, you should virus-check it before loading it on your hard-disk drive.)

Sometimes, Dealers or Mini-Dealers want to use the diskette to give out to their customers. No Problem!! The dealer can easily replace all references to US (name, phone, address, etc) with HIS info. Then he can use (Housekeeping)-(Copy Diskette) to make duplicates automatically (without knowing anything about computers) that only have HIS info on them. CUSTOMIZED INTERACTIVE SALES LITERATURE!!

With so much stuff on the diskette, we tried to help people find appropriate info by highlighting particular Menu subject titles. The specific highlighted entries depend on the user qualifier question(s) early on (Visual??; Technical??).

The Interactive aspects are particularly beneficial to the customer. (Models)-(Questionnaire) asks some simple questions about HIS UNIQUE HOUSE, then using climate data for all zip codes it already knows, does a heat-loss-analysis for HIS HOUSE! Then it selects the best JUCA and the best blower for that unique situation. It even tells how much wood to cut!! Then using common labor rates and various other parameters, it estimates the total project cost, and then estimates an Amortization period based on the expected fuel savings! Various suggestions are offered regarding different installation situations. It even offers a Second Choice, if the first choice was vetoed.

A number of visual (graphic) presentations are included. A few photographs are included, but they take up HUGE amounts of diskette space up. (Models)-(Features) has a unit rotate on a turntable. (Models)-(Heat Production) is a Movie format, with active smoke, heat, air, etc. (Models)-(Fireplace Inserts) includes a broad variety of visual presentations. Various kinds of 2-D charts, 3-D charts, tables and other data presentations vary the format for novelty and to maintain interest. JUCAman might even wink at you, but only extremely rarely. Other interesting, humorous, or entertaining things may occasionally pop up.

This is how it starts. First, it analyzes (your) host computer to see what Drives exist. Next it checks to see what Drive it is on with the JUCA program. If the program has been previously copied onto a hard disk, it recognizes that, jumps to that hard drive and immediately starts the program. If the JUCA program is on a floppy drive, the next step is to check each and every hard drive for empty space. Once the program has found enough free space for all of its files, an automatic expansion and transfer to a temporary file occurs, the computer moves to that hard-disk, and the main program starts. If no hard-disk had enough space (or if a VERY old computer didn't even HAVE a hard disk), a message is displayed about this.

Next the program expands its compressed files as necessary. It then checks to see if the monitor is Black and White or Color; whether it is Graphics capable, and if so EGA or VGA. It looks for a Mouse. (But you probably already noticed that!) It checks how current your DOS version is, to make sure it doesn't try to use some command your computer wouldn't recognize.

Then it informs and entertains you.

When you are done, it asks whether you want to make the temporary hard-disk files more permanent for future (quicker) use. If not, it removes all of them, returns everything to normal and exits stage right.

In general, this program was designed to be used from a DOS-Prompt. We felt that this was the most universally available situation, since nearly 90% of all existing small computers run on some version of DOS.

In 1995, we made sure that this program will also run fine from inside Windows and many other "Shells." From inside Windows 3.1, you have several ways of running the program:

  1. Double click on a DOS-Prompt Icon to create a new DOS-Shell, change to the A-floppy drive with an A: , then type JUCA
  2. In File Manager, double click on the entry JUCA.BAT (NOT on ZK.EXE, the big file).
  3. In Program Manager, choose FILE, then NEW, then PROGRAM ITEM.
  4. In Program Manager, choose FILE, then NEW, then PROGRAM GROUP. Type JUCA in both boxes, then .
The program has all it needs to present nearly photographic quality pictures. But such pictures are HUGE as far as disk space consumed is concerned, so we didn't include very many. Please look in our web-site for actual photographs of the F-9As various door appearances or other model options.

The entire JUCA diskette was available in 4 formats:

We expected to eventually put it on CD-ROM, but the InterNet came along and made that somewhat unnecessary.

Everything on the diskette (AND MORE) are now on the InterNet!

We hope you enjoyed the results of our efforts. Some other companies have approached us to make diskettes for their products and/or services, so we suspect you will eventually have the opportunity of shopping this way for some of your other needs. THINK OF IT. No pressuring salespeople. Life is good.

The JUCA Home Page is at: juca